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Sunday, August 28, 2005

City Of New Orleans.. Why I'm looking for Love and a Personal Sort of Post ..

Okay... this is a personal post and plea.. and thoughts written on electrical beams that cross the sky like a strong steady breeze ... so taking a break from the feverish pace of listing links and thoughts and reading message boards and took a break from the coverage.. and decided it was time for a personal post in my personal little blog.. And explaining why I want someone to love... and as the song goes.. Watch Over Me...

City of New Orleans. Yes. You are right. I am listening to Willie. He has the most amazing ability to relax me. And... I did make some chamomille tea with honey (sorry Yaffah no lemon) and maybe it helped a bit.
Cleaned up around the house.. in supergirl mode trying not to think too much on Katrina for an hour or so.

Let my daughter go online.. the 18 year old who has school tomorrow in college. The younger one is no longer slamming doors and is calm, helped me clean up. Maybe the shift in mood has something to do with Miami Dade County Schools not having school tomorrow. That's right. Day Four after a Category One Hurricane Miami schools are not in session. Imagine it has something to do with power not being restored in all areas and teachers who might have a hard time getting to work... who knows.. The mood around the kids in Miami has lifted.. day 3 of Katrina Vacation.

Made baby vegetable meatloafs and am making pasta to go with it for the kids. For me... made brown rice and stir fried vegetables and will have one of those little loaves.
And... took a long, long, hot shower.

What can I say? Life needs to go on. Even if it isn't going on in New Orleans.
This is a personal entry .... less data and links and a bit cryptic but not to those who are privy and know what I am talking about.

With every heart beat I still think of you... and remember our Faded Love..
Sigh.. Willie.

I needed a break ... come what may.. Katrina is going to make landfall and I think the worst will be before sunrise but maybe not. As Bryan Norcross says, grab a calculator and do the math but sometimes they speed up before landfall.

Willie is On the Road Again and I am writing a bit. So forgive me. Move on if you don't want to hear it.

South Florida is still having flooding problems. We can see the streets on TV under the flooded areas in South Dade but the water has yet to go away and we are not pumping it out but letting it slowly go away while we call adjusters and explain how Black Olive Trees and Live Oak branches fell all over our beautiful cars. And, we give thanks that those are the only calls we have to make.

It has come to my attention that some people are reading this who don't always read my blog. People who don't hold passports to HurricaneCity found me are reading along. If you are.. know this... having been in hurricanes and knowing them the way I do... you cannot imagine how I feel right now.

So...while I sit here and ponder the real fate of New Orleans and wonder if Katrina will go where I think she might..just to the west of New Orleans.. to a coastline that has suffered so many severe hits over history that most people have never read about but I have.. and my friends have.. and someone the dire predictions of thousands dead in New Orleans is as Jimmy would say OVERKILL... and somehow... it won't be as bad as we worry it will be.

Angel flying too close to the ground... Willie Essentials. Yes.. it has City of New Orleans and that is why I am listening.. because the tune is stuck in my head.
So..what would I like to do?

A little unpaid political announcement? Smiling.. no not me.

A request for money to send me and support a poor struggling writer trying to raise the remnants of her family while having a life at the same time... and getting her novel finished? Nah..........not me.

So..what do I want here?
I want to be in love again. And, in love with the right person and the right reason being we love eachother...nothing more. Our brains don't have to align up properly. Venus does not have to be conjunct Mars.. been there .. done that and we aren't together.. Are we?

I want what everyone wants... Love ... To find love again and to revel in it, to give thanks for it.. enjoy it.. not run from it... that is what love is all about.

Having problems writing this while Willie is singing "You were always on my mind" staring.. all those people facing danger.. all that wind and rain and all I can think of is brown eyes crying in the rain. Little things I should have said and done... or didn't do, like walk away from you. But, you let me and you just watched and watched and watched and you are still watching somewhere with tears in your eyes and smiling because I am still thinking of you.

Well... let me tell the world this about Bobbi.

A woman who knows how to love.. can love and will love again. Because it is her nature to love.. to share... and move on even if she looks back with half a glance and remembers the past.

The past is the past. You know who told me not to look back and remember.. even though he obviously does.

I want a man who is not afraid to love, not afraid to take a chance on love a second time around.. or even a third time around.

A man who loves weather and music and loves the magic of me staring up into his eyes in amazement and realizing that I don't remember what he is saying because when I know I am in real trouble.. really falling in love I realize I haven't a clue what he is saying... and I stare and feel.

A man who I don't have to explain the beauty to him of a lunar eclipse. A man who will hold me while he tells me about his day, this thoughts and his dreams.. and holds me just a little tighter while doing so. Who wants to start over with new memories, new private jokes, new beginnings. They don't have to love Willie or Jimmy Buffett but they can't make fun of them. A man who doesn't mind if I write a bit too much and who wants me to be HIS WIFE or HIS MATE..but not his best friend and not his muse and not his sometimes friend. I have a best friend.. her name is Sharon and I have another best friend named Zelaya and a best friend from high school Leslie and Morry. I want a man who sees me as his lover.. not just his best friend. Friends come and go... lovers come and go... soulmates are forever and I am romantic enough to believe in the thought that somewhere.. there is some one out there just for me... just for you.

What is a soul mate? Do you believe in it? Do you believe in destiny?

And, when you meet them... you know. I know.. it happens. The few men in my life that I have loved... I knew the moment I saw them there was something special about them.. and our lives were meant to connect. And, they knew. Sometimes... you know and you don't know when you say goodbye.. and you don't want to say goodbye even though it makes no sense for you to be so upset at the thought that they won't be there anymore to bicker with... guess that was the time I didn't know til it was way too late... probably knew .. it just didn't compute or make sense.

But usually you know things..... like I knew when I was standing in the library one day and someone was standing at the desk and they saw me and they turned their head to the side like they do and with amusement watched me stop hiding from them. They knew. I knew. Sometimes we know things we don't understand.

Life is short gang.. life is real short. Hurricanes wake you up to that factand remind you that time is slipping away... time is moving on...

We live like hurricanes dancing along caught up in the stream of life.. we follow the path of least resistance, we move towards what we think we need and we rush off after destiny or following a programmed path. Sometimes we have to stop and realize we are not in charge. Sometimes.. we have to reach out and take a chance and not let things rush away from us... and let things slip through our fingers like sands of times.. sifting through on their way to the ground.. back to the earth.

To all the boys I loved before... thank you Willie.

So... if you know someone..who doesn't mind I still have a few children left at home who are quickly growing up. If you know someone who doesn't mind if I take off a day to rest.. shabbos... you can join me or you can go play golf or fish... or join me.. If you know someone who likes weather and music and needs to love again.. who has a romantic soul but isn't just a dreamer or a schemer... but someone who knows when the time is right to come foward.. Who has a spiritual heart who sees the beauties and wonders of the world.. I'm here.. you know where to find me...

No screenwriters.. maybe a novelist ... but not a writer who goes off into his own world that he creates and lives like a hermit or the hangman but someone ready to start over and take a chance. You write.. I write.. you paint, I write.. work.. I don't care what you do long as you do it with passion and find joy in the world around me and want someone to share life with..
Maybe it's time Bobbi has a muse. A special reason for living.

Bobbi wants to dance again and sing and enjoy life before some big nasty old Cane comes and washes it all away.

One thing beautiful about Katrina and even Andrew is that it reminds you that time waits for no man or woman.

I have a poster of Andrew....sits near the computer. Reminds me that one day... your time comes. As someone said online... luck turns around. Even bad luck turns around. And, just like your date with destiny can be a nightmare Cane... sometimes your date with destiny can be the love of your life.

Nightime on the City of New Orleans...dont like that line.. halfway home we'll be there by morning.. with the Mississippi darkness...
sing it Willie... keep singing..

This train has got the disappearing railroad blues

Good Morning America...
I'm the train you call the City of New Orleans... I'll be gone 500 miles before the day is done..
If anyone here loves that song... stop tomorrow and write out a check.. an make an amount you will give and give it to some charity that will be there to help rebuild New Orleans.

And, not just New Orleans but all the places that will have suffered damage.. be in a Synagogue or a Church..lots of Parish Churches that will need help. Give it to the Red Cross.. give it somewhere... This is a small planet we live on and it is time to reach into your pockets and take some money and pass it around to those who need.. and tomorrow... in the City of New Orleans and places in the bayou.. there will be people and places who need.

As Dolly Levi said in The Matchmaker.. as her late husband Ephraim said.. money is meant to be spread around encouraging small things to grow..

Good Morning America are youSay dont you know me? I'm your native sonI'm the Train you call the City of New OrleansI'll be gone 500 miles before the day is done.
Going back to weather posts.. going to read the boards.

And, thank you Joe Bastardi for answering my question on water temps in the Northern Gulf.. unfortunately.. you didn't have good news.

Hopefully tomorrow.. somehow.. we will have some good news.. somewhere.

Bobbi....thanks for reading... passing along the plea for charity.. tithing..take 10% of what you will make this week...tomorrow.. and give it to a charity to help the survivors of Katrina who will need to get their lives back on track in the City of New Orleans.

... yes listening now to Stardust.. it's beautiful... and well Burns taught me to play the hand I have.. and you always say that I should just be Bobbi and let you deal with it and know what to do. Soo.... I'm just being Bobbi.

beautiful cd.. all of me, why not take all of me.. cant you see, im no good without you ... wow.. so beautiful.. September... November... listening to the CD and watching CNN... these precious days I'll spend with you....

Moonlight in Vermont... rolling eyes...........


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