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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Checking In.. Checking Out

Been a long day of watching the heart wrenching live coverage on air as the drama unfolding on TV and for me.. it is very hard because it reminds me of Andrew.. brings up other memories and some I never dreamed of.. So.. I'll be back later. Going to watch the Redsox game with someone special online.. and watch the coverage on the TV while doing so. I am going to pay the Pizza man because I ordered pizza for dinner... couldn't cook. Could barely do much of anything today but sit.. and stare and think a million thoughts that are not really appropriate to write here or anywhere. I'll be back.. in a bit after I feed my kids the cut up pizza and go back on my laptop. All I can say is say a prayer you have never had to be faced with such a trial or test as those poor people have and .. pray you never will. Look into your heart and soul and ask yourself what would you do.. if you were in their shoes. Give thanks for what you have. Take whatever small amount you can afford and donate it. Money honey.. money.. do not.. do not.. DO NOT rummage through old clothes just yet thinking you will send them or drive them down.. they don't need them. They need right now money.. $$$.. they know what to do with the money. Later..when the place is dry (can't imagine when) and later.. when there is an operation set up somewhere.. you can look for what they are asking for and send it.. or volunteer time you might have used on a vacation.. Saying what was said on HurrCity.. The City for us hurricane trackers.. take a CPR class (I should..), read up on first aid procedures in case you have to deal with such a disaster. If you have the time and ability, join the RedCross and offer your services. Give blood. Give Money. Do NOT send clothes .. because after Andrew.. people all over Miami in the better off parts ran down and took clothes and things and dropped it off at places for people.. outside.. no one could get to the clothes (they were shell shocked living in their war torn ...torn apart homes that it never occured to them the govt would tell them they have to vacate soon because they were "uninhabitable" and the clothes sat in the rain..pouring rain (it is summer in the south) and rotted away. Well meaning donations.. by well meaning people..who thought they were helping. If you want to help.. give money. The redcross will give vouchers.. they need it to feed people.. to mount the biggest, largest rescue operation in history. Eventually.. local organizations will rise like cream to the crop and you can send you old clothes and shoes and they won't rot in the Louisianna sunshine somewhere waiting to be sent into a city that is not ready to be clothed .. but waiting for food.. for water.. for someone to do something to put it all back the way it used to be. Later..Bobbi Who is too tired to figure out why it won't let me make paragraphs right now.


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