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Monday, August 29, 2005

BREAKING NEWS..Superdome Leaking..

here is where the curse words of your choice can be inserted..choose them wisely.. keeping mine to myself...

There are no words... how they could think a building built in the 1970s that is that big and has so many roof panels which means so many weak links... with so much pressure being put upon it's surface and even Bobbi who doesn't do math knows that mathematically that is a statistical nightmare....that building.. is leaking...

I am soooo happy they have all those EMT people in their who now have their lives at risk trapped in a concrete structure that may be coming apart at it's weak link seams.

What kind of place makes a decision to use such a structure as a place where you can offer safety to thousands of people and the building has never been tested ...

On a a wing and a prayer..

It's called denial and wanting to believe...

It's folly... and I pray with all my heart that somehow...a miracle occurs and not many more roof panels come off and those aluminun doors leading in where people walk in for football games... and delivery trucks deliver hot dogs and peanuts for fans to watch a football game...I really pray those doors hold.. and those people are safe.

So.. if you are reading this.. please pray.

Hope I am wrong but always felt this was a bad, bad, bad idea...

We learned in many a storm that it is better to let the animals go in a storm and hope some will find safety and survive than to lock them up in a barn that will come apart and they will die without being able to get out.

You don't tie down a horse.. let it run... let it try to find safety..

And, you don't put thousands of people into a building that has never even been tested that it will not come apart in a Major Hurricane.

Now is a good time to pray.. even if you don't pray normally... just try it. can't hurt.
And then watch my man Billy Wagner who is there on MSNBC explaining what is going on .. near his home turf.

CNN Breaking News
8/29/2005 9:21:05 AM Eastern Standard Time
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