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Monday, August 29, 2005

11AM KATRINA UPDATE... Levee broken, roof still leaking.. eye over Bay St. Louis

Watching coverage on all channels... watching with friends online .. so people are passing along channels for breaking news.

Mobile going to get a strong storm as she turned NE..

Gulfport and Biloxi... not going to be pretty.

As I thought.. knew.. Bay St. Louis is getting the eye. Pretty town.. been there.. sits on the end of I90 give or take on the way into New Orleans.

Even though the eye has passed New Orleans be aware that on the radar there is an eye wall band that is swinging around the eye and slamming New Orleans from the North which is where she is most vulnerable.

Superdome is holding .. but it is leaking like the proverbial sieve... they should be okay for the rest of the storm but if the storm had come in any stronger and any closer to the left/west they would have had the disaster that many feared watching them go in there. Seems as someone on tv said.. the best worse case scenario.

It is being downgraded to a Category 3 and everyone sounds thrilled.
As someone on said... don't use those terms together "only" and "Cat 3" a very good post.

All a matter of perspective here... IF you had a Cat 5 coming at you.. you are happy its a Cat 3.. if you are forecasting it .. you are very happy.

Always remember when I was about to be hit by Andrew and they announced that the wind speed had gone down 5mph. John Hope ..bless his beautiful soul... was soo happy. Remember wishing he would shut up. Oh joy.. let's jump for joy... I remember thinking.. down 5mph... whoppeee!! I know he meant well in retrospect and have been told that my friends who know over and over but 5mph isn't a whole lot. However if Andrew had gone down to a Category 3 my heart wouldn't have been pumping so hard and I wouldn't have felt like I was facing death .. me and all my kids and loved ones...

So... nice of Katrina to speed up.. to veer NE towards areas where there is a smaller population and less danger for so many people..

Watching lizards run along the wrought iron bars on my windows... leaping from bar to bar in the sunshine... looks so nice outside.. blue skies..high white clouds climbing.. hard to remember that somewhere someone here still doesn't have electric and people down in Homestead are trying to get their belongings dried out...

Well not so hard as I don't have work.. not all of North Miami Beach has electric..
Shepard Smith who used to be in Miami is on FOX NEWS.. remember him from when he was here.

Some links below.. but truth is... watch TV... check out message boards on and for the latest breaking news and information and tropical discussion on what is really going on. Like now they are talking about dry air intrusion moving into the storm from the west... They were talking about that online on message boards yesterday.

No flooding in French Quarter..not yet..not now.

Some flooding elsewhere... multiple reports that levees on East Side of Town have been topped.. it is spilling into the city so keep watching...
and know as bad as it is.. it could be a lot of worse.. and may get worse..

later.. Bobbi.. on forced vacation today.. staring at the TV and still loading the cute email from Howie (hurricane man... at the good hurricane center lol) to cheer me and others up a bit.. cute.. still loading.. like Katrina is still moving inland..

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh see you later


click now at 11am and see where landfall is.. will be gone later..
winds down to 125mph.. cat 3

Daughter Dina in Flatbush to know her.. beautiful girl.. hard edge and smart as well very smart ... her Mommy's daughter in so many ways.. she calls me up and says.. "so let me get this straight..they put how many thousand people into one big place and didn't think part of the roof might fly off????" told her I'd send her the pic that was posted online at by Chris

love ya all... watching TWC.. really really posting this now....


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