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Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Afternoon

Sitting here playing online with my crazy, cute little friend talking weather online and other various topics.

Let me set the stage...

It feels about 95 in the shade and the AC isn't working.

Im sitting here in a maroon towel, the fan blowing on my body.... my leg up a bit...
too tired to really think much, joking around... wishing there was intense convection going on somewhere close .. would love to go outside and just stand there and let the water, rainwater wash over me... wow...

Wishing on a houseboat in the Keys..down in Florida Bay.. late afternoon tstorms and someone special to lie in bed and watch the show... feel it.. enjoy it.

Franklin is being a pain ..a royal pain. Maybe he will do something interesting but I don't think so.

One part of me wants to go .. "not going to get a storm this season.. no way, nope" and another voice says, "oh right"

Going off... made dinner, cool but hot salads... spicy, dips... hope my almost daughter-in-law brings some cool fruity wine.

Wish I was on a house boat in Florida Bay right now with my crazy weather friend.. feeling the water, feeling the breeze, watching thunderheads build in the distance.

Oh...yes...Stormy Weather indeed... just the way it should be.

Enjoy loopy Franklin and Miss Maybe Gert... personally I want a real storm.

Any real tracker knows what I mean.

But, til that day comes... hurricanecity is so much fun. Great mood on that board lately. Someone very funny and good at writing is having a blast besides me :)

chow for now


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