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Friday, July 22, 2005

Franklin Stalls.. kinda sort of...

Or he's shimmying around trying to find the best spot in town to intensify.

Conflicting forecasts from forecasters who are usually on the money and yet ... quite simply conflict.

Don't think this is wishcasting the storm to their location.. just too much uncertainity.

Got a developing system down in the Carib that is now an official Invest on NRL site and has hurricane hunter planes going in to check it out.

There is a trough up somewhere in the country that is either going to effect Franklin or blow past Franklin and leave Frankling sitting and spinning. Truth is Franklin is getting up in age and the closer he gets to 30 the more north he will want to go.. for now, he ain't there yet.

The high wants to push him west.. or will just work it's way around him, capping him from doing much but intensifying.. ouch..

Some have said he will be pushed by the high to the wsw towards SE Florida.

Others think he will do Nantucket..

A murky looking satellite and not much to judge him by that has been before in a similar year as there are no similar years that we are aware of ..since record keeping began.

Don't you all wish you could talk to that Cuban Priest now... Father Juan Vines (did I spell that right..don't have time to google it)

So...for now we watch.. seeing as he is just outside my door and the air in Miami from subsidence is so hot and dry you feel like we are in L.A. having a Santa Ana as it's windy... out of the East. Hmmmmmm, think on that one.

As for the personal stuff..

Youngest son came to the library today for the finale of our Summer Reading Program. The Bug Man.. and he brought bugs to show the kids. My son is upset he was rushed out of the house by syblings dropping him on their way to the beach and he forgot his Harry Potter. Can you imagine..he had to go to a library without it... Must be about 6 Harry Potter books floating around my family, he was smart enough to put a hold on it on the library system.. so his was free.. or taxes bought it.

Great new Kosher Restaurant-Take Out opened up across the street from the library. Good food, well spiced... tastes fattening in that they use oils and creams.. and not traditionally Jewish Style but trendy. Had an unreal Waldolf (cant say it or spell it) Salad with apples, sunflower seeds, pieces of orange and sliced strawberries. Wow.. And, some chicken pasta with great round pasta and dark meat chicken. Good..saving Spinach Quiche for Shabbos I think. Am stuffed. And, I like the Zero Coke.. reminds me of the good old days and Tab. Am in the minority I think but I like it.

Son is bringing his girlfriend for dinner.. some kids going.

Making Chicken with fresh veggies.
Gefilte Fish..
Corn/Black Bean Salad

stuff like that...
whatever strikes my fancy if I ever get to the market for salad stuff.

For now.. back to ye olde reference desk.

Watching Franklin.. and not as interested in Gert but will see how it all plays out.

Great waves down around 10 cruising towards South America and the Lesser Antilles like Emily did..

What a season.

Bobbi, good shabbos!


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