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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Franklin Forms Off the Coast of Florida

Perfect huh?

What a day..

Out of the blue.. faster than a speeding bullet... the wave that wouldn't say die .. got a name.

This morning.. was marginally favorable for development over the next few days.. no models, no discussion... just "maybe" more favorable and the next thing you know Franklin at the National Hurricane Center gets to name Franklin. And, that was only after an attempt to keep it at a Tropical Depression status for a bit.. ships and bouys said otherwise. Planes foned home..

After long diatribes on how we were just going to have to relax.. rest, catch our breath and can't be tooo spoiled.. no development for a week or so. Something about Upper Level Lows and Saharan Dust and WHAM BAM... Look out world.. there's a storm.

Not to mention earlier there looked to be two developing. One down near the Yucatan and Franklin in the Bahamas. Still could develop, probaby Gert.

Even someone like me who thinks she has seen it all .. was blown away. Two storms that looked identical for a while..

Must have been nuts at the National Hurricane Center.

As for me.. we had three programs at the library today. THREE.
A business development workshop luncheon for people wanting to start a business.
A movie for 70 kids, sitting on the floor throwing popcorn around and in their mouth.
Same room.. all same room..
Then the final Adult Literacy class for people who are learning how to be turors to help teach other adults to read.. coach them. We used leftover food for them for a special treat for their program. My mother graduated from the program. She has been taking the classes.. busy day.

Helped some kid put together brochure for a Chess Tournament from Caribbean Nations. Been here 6 months, can barely speak English but nothing intimidates him. Inspiring.

Went to a great thrift shop today and spontaneously bought a white french provincial dresser with a mirror that looks just like my Grandma Mary's dresser. Though hers was probably the finest wood but this is so beautiful. Something so special about my Grandma Mary.. no one like her. A real Southern Belle. Southern Jewish Belle but real Southern Belle. Made me feel so much closer to her. Something so special about Grandma Mary. Bought a white wicker headboard for either my bed or my daughter's bed .. have a month to decide before she gets back from sleepaway camp in NY. A fancy, good.. leather swivel chair for the computer (which is what I went in there for .. for 19.99) and trust me it's so comfortable. And.. a kick ass stained glass, tiffany style hanging lamp for 12.00 thats my colors.. purple orchids. Man in one store delivered stuff from both at very low rate..sweet man. Edwin insisted he'd make sure the lamp (in delicate though whole shape) would get there in one piece. He was good to his word. Mind you I NEVER ... EVER spend money like this. But, all were just what I needed, wanted and one thing I learned in life.. you never pass up a great bargain in a thrift shop. And.. woke up this morning thinking .. I have to get rid of that dresser and where am I going to get one? Never thought I'd end up with one... was looking for a computer chair.. ended up with what I needed, wanted and didn't even think to look for...

That kind of day..

POOF.. Grandma Mary's dresser.. with mirror.. like a double.

POOF... Franklin.. like deja vu Jeanne..

Some man hit on me in a dollar store. Kept teasing me about wearing glasses to read and he just got them cause he is 40 and insisted I didn't need them cause I'm nowhere near 40. Told, him was over 40.. so there they were the redneck and the store owner from Trinidad hitting on me guessing my age... wrong. Nice.. don't mind not at all. Wierd and nice to look young but even better fun to feel young.

Sometimes I do.. young is a state of mind.

Was hoping to play hookey with a secret someone with a small break in the tropical weather but am back in the hinterlands of life.. on the back burner as we roll back into full tropical wierdness mode.

Great posts online ... great. Great, great writers. Great minds. Maybe even a few great bodies. Who knows.

Saw an unreal cute body yesterday, kick ass ..gorgeous.. gorgeous.

Also spoke to my best friend who is in Macon, not the Maine defector and made plans to runaway for a day with her somewhere later in the month. Miss her, she's so cute. So much fun.. old boss, other best friend... like a sister in ways.

So...I'm sitting on the bus today on my runaway morning.. really needed to run off this morning.. and this preacher guy comes on wearing a big brand new clean football like shirt with the number 54 on it. Singing praises of Jesus to the passengers. Then realize his shirt has a Chicago Cubs symbol on it. My gosh, 54, Jesus and Chicago.. sort of like HOME RUN in my memory of things gone by.. and I giggle. He passes out some brochures to people who put up with his preaching.. Only in Miami. Gives me one with a picture that looks like the Devil card in the Tarot deck I saw this morning and it says, "Let Jesus Save You.. Don't End Up in Hell!!!" Am thinking there is NOOOOO wayyyyy Reverand Ron could have set this up. No... Thanked him and asked him his name. He told me was on the card. See.. really for real preacher. No Ron, no Ed.. no Jason. Not even a Stevenn. lol.. Just a Caribbean Preacher preaching the holy word.. on the city bus. Made me giggle.

God its sooo good to live in Miami :

Will post more on the very thirsty Franklin and the hungry looking Gert as time allows and when I can get a good hang of it.

For now I have to figure out where things go in my bedroom and get some rest.

Watching Redsox on Yahoo Live... not the same as being in Fenway Park but hey.. at least I'm safe down here in Miami from the funny F family up there.

Wonder where Yaffah is.. I should write them.

My baby brother turned 40 today. He and his wife went to Sanibel Island.. took the war with them there.. am sure he's bitching abotu again being out of town when a storm is developing on this side of the state.

Figured today was a good day to celebrate life.. his life... my life... baby brother 40. So wierd..

Keep watching the tropics.. just never know what's going to happen, until it happens.



At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobbi I need the email addy for Jim for Hurricane City can't get online and can't get my hurricane fix with felix on the way. AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh I hate hackers!! Can you let me know if its just me or if the site is down.


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