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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Exception to the Rule.. from previous post

All except Ron who is a BIG pain in the You Know What and still AFTER 30, no wait..let me think on this..............38 YEARS


Still cannot look me in the face and act like a mensch without hiding behind some stupid grin and a pair of glasses and pretend he is not who he is.

I guess one day after another 38 years go by and he and I are STILL alive he MIGHT be able to OPEN HIS MOUTH and say "Hi, BObbi!"


otherwise, all of my old boyfriends are dolls

of course ... we never dated, so I suppose he doesn't count under "boyfriends"

just annoying, pissant, prankster, people who prefer pulling someone's pigtails and running or hitting all the buttons on an elevator and running out fast

You have NO courage or you wouldn't have run out so fast before I could say something.

And...sorry FOLKS but that's just the way it goes... he reads this so let him read what I think.

and Life Goes On.............


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