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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Emily Aims for Mexico.. AGAIN and... old boyfriends off topic

Again, Emily aims for Mexico.

Some people...somewhere want to believe she will hit South Texas but those in the know are betting on Mexico. Of course .. Texas could taste just a few drops of her rainfall..a little tease of what might come..down the road.

Anyway... great to watch from the safety of my living room. Some nice radar sites online at though imagine all the message boards are trading pics back and forth.

People ask always.. "Why do they stay?"
Because the next day, the morning after people on tv always seem to ask "is that all their is?"

When the BIG ONE comes along it is like love... love at first sight and you don't forget so fast... it sort of sweeps you off your feet, takes your foundation out from beneath you and you don't ask "is that all there is?" the morning after.

Hurricanes are a great similie.. metaphor...for life.

So... all I can say here personally is I really do have some of the best old boyfriends in the world. A bit strange in ways, agreed and they have their own thought process.. logic but they are caring, good, funny and hard to forget.

I never understood women who trash men. Men can be your greatest friends, assets and producers of smiles. They don't really give a damn if you forgot to tell them to add a dash of ginger into that recipe. They don't care where the hell you bought those pumps just that they look good on you and will tell you if they want to see open toes or ankle straps but they won't give a damn where you bought them or complain you didn't tell them there was a sale going on. Who goes to sales? Too many people and I prefer impulse buying when soemthing is on a really great sale and looks really great on my body. Men don't bitch about the weather or how it will muss their hair. They don't care if you have a beer and relax and shoot the breeze, infact, they prefer it. They don't worry you will get a beer tummy...they aren't looking at your tummy :) Well, they got better places to look where I am concerned. They can get in a whole arguement with you over politics, sports or the weather and afterwards feel they have bonded with you and that you rate... vs women who will hold a grudge forever because you didn't agree with them on some subject. Men don't bitch that you are watching a baseball game, football game or even The Weather Channel. They may ask though "will Sunday be a good day for Golf or fishing" and find your knowledge useful. A woman usually only emails you to ask "if the storm is going to hit" vs a man who will usually ask "when will the storm hit." Men know how to get down to the nitty, gritty "need to know" details.

Shopping with men. So much easier to find a good pair of jeans. You go to the size you want and there they are all on some neatly organized table.

No way a man is going to spend an hour hunting through the womens section, the stores know that and make it easier. Length of leg, hips, stomach, butt size, type of closure.. tight, loose.. faded, not faded.. find it, pick it, grab it and go. Shopping in a man's section is like an afternoon delight or "slam, bam, thank you maam" vs... "I don't know, I can't decide..there are so many of them? How will I look in them? Will it make my butt look big?" No, Virginia your butt is big or you are not playing up other attributes to stop a guy from worrying on your butt. Look him in the eyes, smile mischevously and he won't care if the jeans are cut right or not.. he will want to take them OFF of you. Ain't no hiding your ass then is there?

Just my opinon.

Only an ex-husband you are friends with will ask you if you need to talk about some guy or relationship him anytime. Old boyfriends give me the best love advice I have ever had and I have to call one today to wish him happy birthday. He will be happy to hear from me, by the way, and not bitch or complain I didn't call him yesterday when it was really his birthday.

Don't get me wrong. I have lady friends. But, they stand in the wind with me at the beach when a storm is coming and sit on the sand without worrying where the little grains of sand are going or whether they will have to wash their clothes. They hang, talk ..shmooze, laugh and shoot the breeze. I can't deal with any other kind of friend, male or female.

Just my opinon here.. but men are usually much more fun than women and good old boys should be our most treasured, protected species.

To all the men I've loved before... I still love you.

When I am in love.. I do wear my heart on my sleeve.. yes Jason you are right.

When I am in love... no one else exists.

When I am not madly in love... I agree with Anais Nin.. I have the right to choose my prince and change him often or whatever that quote is I like so much..

When I have loved someone.. a part of me loves them forever.

You can't just love the one you are with .. you can physically but the mind goes elsewhere.

When you fall in love.. really in love it should be forever. And a friend is forever.

For those of you who want to talk to Vince.. or whoever you were looking for
He has died and gone to heaven, metaphorically speaking. Hands off and let him be happy.. he truly looks better than I have seen him in years.

Something great about being free.. footloose, barefoot and fancy free but nothing like falling in love. Until you do fall in love and grab hold of the subject of your affections... grab her ass, hold her tight and don't ever let her walk away... until that day comes... like the Big One... enjoy your friends, thank God you have them.

Gidget... signing off

can never ever decide who she loves more.. the Big Kahuna or Moondoggie

chow for now ...Bobbi
ps... thank you Chris for those great links.. thank you Jim for letting me find them and being you.. Howie you owe me something, I should remind you :) that we are almost done with the E storm..
can we all move on to the F storm ;)


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