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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tropical Storm Bret...Tampico or Veracruz..

The second tropical storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.. 2005.. has now formed off the coast of Mexico. Like Jimmy sings..way down in Mexico..

Where and which city will he hit though? Sort of a replay of the last Bret but what can you expect for a June storm?

Reading the posts, emails from Seahorse at the NHC telling us what we already knew.. storm had formed. Recon confirmed it.

So while trackers half-heartedly track Bret.. most are lusting after waves in the Atlantic. Models are love sick.. big wave... heard Bastardi was busting a gut over it. HAHA made my first Bastardi joke of the season. Sorry, bad habit. Personally, really I love Joe. How can you not love someone born on July 18 in Rhode Island???
Had a boyfriend.. still a friend. Great birthday. Even if born in the RI :)

So.. announcing Bret.

What else?

Was going to write a poem today about Jack and Tony. Never finished it though.

Sort of like...

Jack sat on a railroad track
staring down at rocks
Tony had dreams and schemes
writing screenplays
for big bucks
Jack sat around like Capricorns do
Sullenly sulking and reading the news
While Tony worried on Jack
sitting on the railroad track
Well whats a big brother going to do?
Just let Jack play with his rocks or...
share the dough with baby bro
So.. now they are stuck
like two peas in a pod
Jack with a frown
Tony with a smile and eyes
and that stupid little grin
when he turns his head this way
or that way and wins
Worrying on Jack who looks back too much
and doesn't appreciate Tony and all that he's done
Jack sits on his computer and types all night
studying rocks and earthquakes and ducks
Tony runs around in robes of red and purple
like a mystical sorcerer working his wonders
And Mary watches from the sidelines
playing her flute and saxophone
never a clarinet because Fred too it back
This poem makes no sense
But neither does my life
Someone should let Jack go back to rocks
with his fortune made, he can buy a lot
Someone should let Tony loose.. let him out of those robes
wearing a spice girls tee shirt is really what he wants
Sexy spice, any spice, tropical spice
Karmatically spice..
Let Fred play soulful songs on teh clarinet
Let Mary run away with Tony..
maybe he'll share his wardrobe lol
No heels.. funky toes
Thats the story
the way it goes

Tony has such cute eyes when he turns his head
at that angle and steals Mary's heart
What will Jack do when Tony has fled?
What will become of poor old Fred?

Such is the way of the world in the land of dreams
make believe and other worlds.. never to be seen
Some like it cold and Some Like it Hot!

Thats the way the story goes.. all the way down
to Mexico :)

Bobbi, not rhyming.. not really musing.. just being a clown
missing Tony a lot


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