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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Been a Bit Quiet..

I know.. Just one of those weeks where you get sort of hijacked off on another subject and lost in space where you feel you are doing very, very good or losing your mind, walking off a nice cliff? Danger Danger Will Robinson? lol

No seriously. Not much going on tropically. SW Carib shooting off nice colored flares but... nothing happening, too much shear.

Some volcano popped it's mind off South America. No one living there but we are all watching.. not much else to watch.

Rained today a bit in Miami.. just a drop to catch our attention.

Mangoes getting bigger and my favorite Jacaranda Trees turning beautiful shades of purple and lavendar. Waiting on the Poincianna Trees to bloom.

Waiting on a lot of things and very impatient a person on some subjects. Other subjects well.. sort of scared witless.. so maybe waiting is good.

Going to go take a shower, feel the water beating down on my head and try to think on something other than what I have been thinking on for the last week, at least for ten minutes.

well you know how it is.. we all have sudden weather that pops up and begs to be dealt with

life is truly amazing, i pray it stays that way

pray it stays that way for everyone and remember one thing

when you love someone, care for them.. you want them to have what they want.. what makes them happy

that is friendship and caring, another else is just controlling and not what friendship is all about..

enjoy the weather...
there is a time for games
a time for the sun to rise
a time for the sun to set
and a time for bobbi to go take a shower

tomorrow starts the EPAC season.. gray is reconsidering the situation
and i wish everyone a safe season
sparkly night outside.. hope the stars are shining bright in your part of the world

Bobbi :)


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