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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Windy Beautiful Day in Miami Today.. beautiful..

Gorgeous, unreal beautiful.

Had the nicest day.. can we go for broke and ask for another nice day tomorrow?

Breezy, cool.. yes, I said COOL.. cool in the shade and a beautiful breeze, warm hot sun... but not too hot.

Was a girl shabbos... me, my older younger daughter and my youngest daughter had the house to ourselves. It's a big house, thank God and we had our own space and did our own things. Nice lunch.. house quiet. Relaxed in my room.. had a nice breakfast, nice lunch...fell asleep late in the day. Watched the clouds go by. Honest. Real exciting. Read some old posts I wrote on Hurricane City and realized how much I enjoy writing for an audience that understands me.. or a few. How just before all hell broke loose last season everyone was getting feisty, complaining (same thing every year) like NOTHING is ever going to happen EVER. Same thing, happens all the time. Looking back its funny.. busiest Florida season in ages (recorded memory?) and everyone was about to write off the season because a few ways wavered down in the caribbean following the same path and dying the same slow death.. lingering... and then kaput.. Yup, found old posts I printed and a few old cute IM conversations.

So..thank you Jim for keeping that site going (including the message board) if you get around to reading this again. And... yes.. I do cute things with words, so true. And, yes I am Red Sox fan.. proven forever on July 26, 2004 in the wee small hours of the morning lol. A shirt ... haha.. okay two shirts but yes... I deserved that after giving up so many hours of beauty sleep on those late inning games.

And... has this amazing thought this morning out walking near the canal. It was such a beautiful morning, canal was all glittery and breezy..

I have a double grand water trine in my chart. And, everything I have done in my life is good and so inline with who I am. And, I shouldn't complain. I am so good at helping create things... whether they be children that I have had or raised or programs that helped people in organizations I was in (and led) or writing or helping others to write.. to think.. to inspire. I mean... I love being a muse if that is what I am to some.. I like providing the smallest little inspiration that grows like a runaway train from a cute whimsical, playful, mischevous comment or even from some stupid little quarrel or sorrow or well.. I really am at my best when I am happy.. in love with the world or someone special and in a God Awful playful mood. Everything water, double water trine.. flowing like water over niagra falls. Anais Nin wrote about water and creativity and flowing somewhere in one of her carefully kept diaries. I'd have to sift through so many pages of emotional passionate writing but it would be there and she wrote that she loved everything that flowed.. water especially.. even the menstrual flow. Cracked up when I read that because.. I love my period. Going to actually miss it when it I stop getting it one day. Something so feminine about a period. Real... life.. cycles and hormones and starts..gets stronger... gets lighter.. flows like the wind, like the canal ... like life. So, really going to stop bitching about the Muse thing because truth is I enjoy doing that more than actually enjoy writing. Go figure. Who knew? Well, guess God knew that's why he stuffed all of that creativity inside me seeping out in odd strange ways from having all those children to coming up with all those good ideas that worked when I was being President of this or that.. or writing a poem or painting a picture with words or taking some incredible pictures in Key West (the best place of all for an artist to live ..short of Provence .. because... the town itself is a Muse for all those who live there and create..) and... for having silly conversations in the dark of the night which inspire even me.. to smile.

Funny when you connect with someone so ... perfectly. Laughing, giggling. Great word. Perfectly. Some mercurial bond that fuses electrical like charges into simple words and thoughts and creates sparks that explode later in delayed sort of firework displays on the written page or even in a dark of night fantasy.. and those thoughts keep exploding until somewhere, someone in a dark movie theatre starts laughing, hysterically and OH MY GOSH..their abs suddenly get pulled tighter because as I was told this week by the cute Indian guy (not native american.. the other kind) that laughter tightens the ABS. Go figure.. who knew lol. did Peter Sellers have great abs or did he just inspire others to laugh? Dick Van Dyke.. did HE have great ABS.. he was thin. Bet Mel didn't have great ABS.. always frowning and gritting his teeth. See Mary laughed... she was happy married to Dick Petrie and (that was his name right) and she laughed and danced, stayed in GREAT shape and .. see what I mean? Going to have this one out with Sharon.. maybe it's not a hernia.. maybe she doesn't laugh enough?

Train of thought thinking... chooo choo goes the train.. kaboom kaboom kaboom, whistle blows.. down the road.. through the tunnel.. (no, no oncoming trains.. smile.. ) out into the sunshine.. train tracks curve around the hill.. sunshine, blue skies.. in the distance is water... sunny day.. choo choo on down the track.

This is what you call.. train of thought prose.

So says the nightingale.

Hurricane season is coming. I can almost taste it.. wow..

Red Sox won tonight! They beat Tampa Bay! Somewhere I bet someone is smiling because I love the Red Sox. And, if not.. I am. Oh.. and Caleb.. here somewhere nodding because I put stupid maple syrup in my Green Mountain Coffee and "it was good" lol

So..til we get deeper into the season and start tracking storms I'm following along on the STATTRACKER on yahoo cause :( I don't live in New England and the Red Sox aren't on tv locally here so... this is as close as I get for now..

lol, sure that will be a dead link by the time you click but you get the idea.

Love you Jay.. out there in cyberspace somewhere.. do you know I have one big massive file of letters from Jay? No.. not everything but lots of wierd thoughts that went beep in the night to big sister in emails.

And, oddly I have done my best writing not here but on Hurricane City where I feel so free to be me and wonder on that a bit and with my good friend... ummmm Steven who inspired even me to write some cute prose that blended so well in that story that even I couldn't figure out at the end what I wrote and what he wrote.

I am writer. I write. People read. It is published. And, I did make money this year writing which is a biggie.. really... tax form and all lol, impressive but well.. the best was on and yes... was a drop dead gorgeous cane.

love you all... especially jay out there somewhere who got free trips all around greece speaking and fancy hotel rooms where he could watch cnn and probably twc international and zone out like he does. Now Jay is a real author.. can find him on Amazon.. you can find me here and elsewhere if you know where

Peek a boo.. Bobbi


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