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Friday, April 15, 2005

Weekly Round Up, Red Sox Win and Cool Sunshine in Miami I didn't write the last few days...and... don't really know why except I didn't. I don't have to... haha.

Truth is this is all the news that is fit to print.

Shuky came home from Israel. He is not cooking in the house, rolling around with his brothers wrestling on the front yard looking like any good old Jewish Southern Boy happy as hell to be home back in Sunny Florida and not bundled up in winter clothes though I know he had fun in Israel. Am sure... small bit of beer belly there, but am sure with the small amount of food I keep in the house and the cost of the Dennys Sampler going up... he'll be fine.

A new Victoria Secrets Catalogue came in the mail yesterday... so glad, Shabbos reading in my house.The girls just rip that thing apart bra by bra.. bikini by bikini, shoe by shoe..

Bought a new Jimmy Buffett CD but not real happy with it. I mean I like it but not in mood for fast and its mostly fast. Sure I'll get in mood. Hawaii CD. Then realized "my friend" makes good CDs for me and all his little starred songs are the best and pisses me off and makes me annoyed at him. Add it to the list. Long list, years and years of a list. No wonder he hides.

Son sent me 8th Day CD.. going to listen while making stuff after work today for Shabbos.

Realized what I like about someone yesterday and the benefits of being a very detail oriented, whats right is right and whats fair is fair and ...can be really good. And, he's cute lol.

Okay...what else? Round up time here..

Oh suddenly out of the boundless blue there is an Ojibway Indian on the Hurricane Board. Great Ceasars Ghost!! Well fine ..aint going to bug me.. if the ghost of Rob Reiner riding around in a used family Winnebago isnt going to do me in someone throwing some really wonderful man in my face isnt going to do it. Why would this bug me? Truth is.... what do I know? Maybe Rob does suffer from ED disease.. seems that would explain why all those little writers got nothing better to do than sit around dreaming up things to "annoy me" or going back to the source of course as Eddie says.."harass me" (his words) Harass me... still thinking on that one. Play with me maybe... wouldn't call it harasse and notice he did't deny stalking, just harassing... well I dont care. Let Robo see the world in a winnebago.. bet I could write that love story better than he could though truth is he needs to act again. Obviously starving to act again if it was all that important to get involved in such a farce. Or does he just miss the Shaq? Either way..I'm a hurricane person, girl and free to be me.. and I am. And, I am a Red Sox fan not a yankee/mets fan so we have nothing in common despite what Steven says.

And..........I'm sitting here in Hurricane Land.. watching Red Sox games with my best girlie friend Laurie and my son Zalmy and the fan was going for the ball and Sheffield got out of line..

I'm making chicken, orzo and baby carrots for Shabbos.. babaganush... maybe southern style potato salad and gefilte fish. Need a dessert.

I'm dreaming of standing in wild surf with a hurricane friend and just being happy, etc, etc

and yeah I could write a better old baby boom love story about that than he can but I don't want to, so there

rolling eyes

Misbehavin in Miami


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