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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday Morning.. watching the sunrise..

And, isn't it pretty?

Was's up now.

Pondering life and it's many meanings.. or if it has a meaning.

Pondering the fact that I have reread my brother Jay's letter that he was home in Thessaloniki after a lecture trip on the road FOUR times and keep forgetting what it says. Where is my mind? Off somewhere.. maybe in dream land.. a house boat in Key West, rented watching the sunrise or a road trip somewhere or ... a hurricane swarming towards shore with foamy storm surge.. maybe a good Dolphin game I saw when I was a kid or a Red Sox win with Johnny Damon catching the last out and sealing the victory or.. listening to Dr. Clem talking international politics or... eating a cheeseburger in paradise with someone special at the real actual Margarittaville.

Going to make Vermont Pancakes for my son for breakfast and take him to see FEVER PITCH which looks good, got good reviews and can't wait to see (may take a hard shot of something before I go just in case anything annoys me) and.. SOMEONE ROUND HERE OWES ME A REDSOX CHARM BRACELET LOL. Just a joke.. I'm a big girl. I can spring for one myself if I want it all that bad. noooooo i get pancakes and real vermont maple syrup..

rolling eyes lol giggling

Here we are.. mid April... I should be doing taxes but do I make enough to obsess?

Jay is in Greece reading up on the draft and whatever else he told me in that letter that i couldnt read cause my mind was elsewhere (smiling) and.. I had sushi last night with my other brother Ronnie who does not know about this blog and his wife and... its a weekend..

in between seasons... waiting for hurricanes to happen in the strangest of places

waiting for jupiter to go into scorpio and giggling.. mars to allign with whatever it needs to and hoping comets dont hit the earth and wipe out lizards tho if they could wipe out the florida palmetto bug that would work not to mention those termites eating their way through old town in key west and.. waiting for the mangoes to get bigger and the poinciannas to bloom and waiting for the tropical waves to start waving and red sox winning and waiting

and enjoying a beautiful sunday morning sitting here in paradise, in this banana republic we call Miami

and wondering how i got to be someone's bank of bad habits lol

Jay.. going to reread the letter. I promise. Going to send you out ONE of the books I have here waiting to send you this week. Going to study up a bit on the football draft and go make pancakes but I am not going to drink the maple syrup no matter what even for a red sox bracelet. I have my limits :)

love Bobbi


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