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Sunday, April 03, 2005


Some men have to spend their lives trying to live up to Daddy.

now that's sad.... men dont look good in water signs lol

and........some men don't have to live up to anyone

be yourself, be happy and just cause you were married to a nut case wife doesn't mean the rest of the race is mean and bitch and...

lesson to Bobbi..
trust your instincts always... they are good
a double harmonic water trine.. women work better with water signs
but I'm a Capricorn. Not a Capp or a Kapp or a Kaplan or a Kappy or even a Cane

I'm Bobbi.. in search of a man who can chase the weather with me, hold me while watching a sunrise, laugh over small things and enjoy simple things while living in a not so simple world. And, not tell me to come out of the rain when I'm dancing in it :) cause I do.. I really do.. sometimes when the feeling is right.

And, you know what else? When you care... really care.. you don't want to let go and you don't want the person MAN to walk out of your life.

One of these days I'll resolve the pronoun problem in my life but let me say one last harsh mean word to the one I don't care about but hope has a happy life. HOw does it feel to know I would spend days dressed with one producer slash director dressed up as MOther Hubarr (cant teype, gigslaing ) Hubbard and not the other producer slash director dressed up as a fake K person huh :P

Sorry but I'd follow mother hubbard to the end of the earth and ask her to be my Maid of Honor when I meet Mr. Right :) now THATS loyalty :) and love..

and sorry it wasnt your fault.. really

I was still savoring the chinese food from the day before. Its all in timing :)


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