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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Karmic Moon Rising and Hurricane Message Boards

Woke up this morning and looked east out my window and hidden behind a very thin floating cloud was this karmically looking gorgeous moon rising. Sort of took your breath away for a moment. Floating there, behind a cloud like a silent screen siren wrapped in a satin sheet waiting for her lover.. posing.

Beautiful. Went outside, watered what is left of my winter flower garden and realized the view from my bedroom window was more beautiful and went back inside and pondered it's beauty. Wanted to go online to tell my friend Lucky that the moon was beautiful but he probably knows that because he watches sunrises and lol... sometimes along with a sunrise you capture a moonrise.

Computer friends lol.

I told my best friend Sharon last night that people never want to accept what it is you LOVE when it doesn't resonate with them. I LOVE to write online. I mean, come the hurricane season I LOVE posting and writing on hurricanes and weather. OF course I love politics and old florida but its not the same as hurricanes. So, basically when you come down to it YES.. Marc Fisher the marriage was over when something as simple as me watching TWC (when he wasnt even in the room) became an issue to rant and rave and be abusive over. I mean... we had good times, bad times..and granted the end was pretty bad but... how can something you watch like The Weather Channel when he isn't even in the room become an issue for what you ARE and ARENT allowed to watch and what is or isn't stupid? So, I liked to listen to the weather radio when weather was nearby and there were real voices on the weather radio. Some people love to sit and listen to police scanners, all day talk radio, sports radio... classical music... It's one thing to say "can you listen to that when I'm not here please?" (I mean I have this nails on a blackboard feeling about certain Beethoven symphonies) but.... like the weather radio is forbidden when he isn't even here. We have definetly hit some flood level stage for the marriage to be over.. but when you come down to it... No Dave Schwartz was NOT the reason for my divorce and no I was not involved with Dave-O no matter what Mr. Fisher implied.. he's not really my type (Sharon's type) I got divorced over two final non-negotiables.

1- Posting (writing on weather online with weather friends)
2- I liked talking to Cyclone who was supposedly 15 and living in Daytona Beach. Now maybe he was and maybe he wasn't but we were talking weather lol and... my ex was working in his office on his computer and we were going to bed after he was done.. not like we weren't enjoying that but seems I was not allowed to talk to Cyclone and his friends about weather

and I wasn't allowed to (see #1) post on weather.

Looking back... that was it. Posting and talking to Cyclone. And, of course I wasn't allowed to compose letters offline to my brother Jay who had just moved to Greece. Maybe...........we could blame this on Jay.. maybe my losing Jay was too much for me and when I was shooting the breeze with old, young Cyclone I felt like I was talking to Jay (or someone) and that was why I enjoyed it.

Now..if a marriage is strong and both parties are sane.. you don't break up or get abusive over hobbies. And, when its not you can break up over just about anything. Unless you are masochistic and enjoy being a martyr and hiding in the bathroom to listen to the weather radio and I ain't no masochist.

A bit nuts on weather...and football... and a few other things but ain't no martyr.

So...............where were we..

Weather Boards.. as Marco so nicely put it (used to love One Life to Live..can you tell) he is gone, blown off like a ship gone out to sea and the weather screen is still flickering, my heart is still beating (smile) and the moon is still rising.

I was wandering around lost on last night and I came across this great link posted by a fellow poster. And, decided I wanted to post it here..

ohhhhhhhhhh and I like Country Music. I also like Show Tunes but I love country as well... that was also not allowed.

I'm a woman.. really. Grown up but still cute as a young girl in the right dress and perfect shoes and I have a mind.. a good one and no one tells you what you can or can't listen to when they aren't even home. Or what hobby is fun or isn't.

Why are people always complaining I should write a novel and not understand I love posting here.. musing... on and a few other weather boards and why can't they just be happy I am happy at that? Everyone else always thinks they have the magic key to happiness.. ever notice that.

Trust me.. I know what would make me happy.
If I could blink it into my life like Jeanne could.. I would. Life ain't that simple.
lol.. love it.

And... Matt Drudge.. would someone like to tell Ole Matt he is wasting his time doing his little articles online and write something REAL??

What people like Matt and I get and others dont get is this IS... REAL.

This is 2005 and it is as viable a medium as printing books in the 1800s.

I can write something on a board that helps someone who has just moved to Key Largo from Kansas and knows nothing about birthing babies or hurricanes. And, maybe they learn better online and not from watching the same "what to do with your boat during a storm" video that is being shown on Channel 10 and 7. And, maybe they enjoy reading boards and being reminded some little tidbit that makes a difference. Maybe they LAUGH and smile and nod and it doesn't seem so scary.

And, maybe they like reading about tiger cubs being nursed by some lady somewhere (ouch ...........ewwwwwwwwww) and they are environmentally positive and would rather read it online on Drudge and not drudge up the trash disposing of some newspaper they spent money for at the market. Drudge is cheaper (you are paying for it anyway with some online service) and........there is no newspaper to dispose of properly and recycle and worry that its really getting to the right paper dump)

Welcome to the Year 2005. Online writing.. published, somewhere someone besides Dina and Jay is reading this.. I am published online.

And...while at it.. going to post on this soon too... or whatever his link is these days. Lanny Smith and Earthman. Old friend from highschool.. great guy... doing his thing and doing a darn good job.

Leave us baby boomers alone and stop telling us how we should or shouldn't live and as my good friend Yaffah says... "I'm allergic to the word Should.. " or something like that cause usually when they say something like that I just laugh and giggle.

and.. why am I on a tear about all of this :)

Cause... babbling fast on things I can talk about and not talking about things I shouldn't be talking on and... listening to another good friend, out there in wierd world... who says "Protect Your Heart" lol and he's not talking use olive oil. lol

Karmic moon rising, country music playing and I'm smiling...

Have a great day.. love Bobbi
ps..........the Red Sox will win again... was one game...there's a whole season out there and thank you Peter for my new little mantra.. let you know if it worked or didn't. lol


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