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Monday, April 11, 2005


Well..with the Meyer Family anyway..and that is the family I have..

Think it was Perfect..really, really Perfect.

They did a good job. Bang up job. Home Run and a day in the ballpark.

Can't I be nice sometimes ;) who would have ever guessed you'd have heard or read me say something nice about a Farrelly Brother's movie. But, well was a team effort and... script was good, no complaints.. liked the end as it sounded real familar... like some voice in my head talking that I know.. guess its the voice of the red sox fan lol. Loved it. Not one complaint. I even cried and then laughed cause I cried.

I think I'm cured.. free at last. Feels good, feel like singing.

And...yes I stayed til the very end because I knew there would be something.. well you know I knew.. and oddly knew was going to be the Jonathan Richman song :)
I mean somethings just have to be.. don't they?

They ain't nothing if they ain't loyal.. or he is anyway. Not going there, suffice it say someone is one of the most loyal friends anyone could ever have.

Oh..............and Shayna... you know SHAY... Shay text messaged me from a movie theatre in Philly.. "it was awesome" so am sure you will be even more thrilled to know Shay liked it lol. she should, shouldn't she ;)

Great day.. sunshine... Fenway Park opener? Can't imagine being there... can, can't... to me a good red sox game is at home with my kid (who they made into a walking breathing, fire dragon like red sox monster who is going to end up living in New England.. can see this coming so he can watch games all the time)and on walkie talkie mode to the idiot (kidding, not a idiot) ummmm fone, computer, blackberry, walkie talkie communicator.. figures in my life down the road a blackBERRY would take over. Very cool indeed.

And... truth is... its about the Red Sox and you cant just say a Yankee fan would understand or a Jet fan cause they wouldn't.. they scream and boo and leave stadiums half way through the game.. sorry been there at the Orange Bowl and JRS and whatever flavor of the month it is this month. They are the WORST Fin fans... unlike old Miami kids who are real Red Sox about their Dolphins.. like jay in greece, once a fin fan always a fin fan.

But.. like weather and hurricanes.. something that gets in you like a fever that you can't give up... that's universal. That's forever. An Always.

Now and Forever.. Bobbi


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