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Sunday, April 03, 2005

EDTV, Southern Boys and Hurricanes

So.........sitting here today smiling over something that is not very tropically related though in ways. Feels so good to smile. Really does. And, giggle. Though it annoys people around you. Isn't that funny?

And... took a short break and watched parts of EDTV. Really do love that movie. A few scenes are so perfect. The mother being called Blanche Du Bois.. trust me you HAVE to have been there.. if you had a southern belle mother who went Blanche Du Bois on you.. you'd understand. If you have EVER stood outside your boyfriend's parent's jewelry shop hiding under a dark wig and a pair of glasses peering in and feeling like the deer caught in the headlights when they look up... sorry but you run for your life. Great scene between Ed and his father Al at the funeral, beautiful, funny but beautiful. And.. there is nothing so wonderful as a good old southern boy. Sorry..............I love you all but........Rhode Island and Maine and Wyoming just doesn't cut it the same way a good ole southern boy can. Down south we learn early how to play around, when to be serious..when to let go, we know how to play around and pretend we are dumb as... but all the while we are smarter than you Yankees.. (I mean like you left after the war and didn't come back...we won that one) and ... men know how to appreicate a woman, show their appreciation w/o leering at you and acting like an idiot like most New York guys do.. and...they know how to sit around at the end of the day, have a beer and put their arm around their girl and watch the sun go down. Try doing that in Manhatten or a Laker Game. HAHAHA we got Shaq :P Anyway.. digressing here..

Love the RedSox.. like my two best friends in Maine and Vermont.. one gets white bread and beaches, the other gets all the maple they can drink :P

But, just cause a guy from up north has cute blue eyes and a smart fast mouth does not mean I'll go out to eat with him. the old song goes.. you got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them.. and you just got to know.

What else? You know what else I love about EdTV??? A good old boy wins.
And... Ed gets the best of Rob Reiner. Now I'd pay to watch THAT any day :)
Ed gets to screw Rob Reiner out of the deal and he's free.. which works for me.

Sorry Rob... better luck next time.

And........what doest his have to do with Hurricanes.

Oh................everything has to do with Hurricanes.

Great new video of the Hurricane Conference in New Orleans on my favorite hurricane site around. really cool pics of the conference, of Dauphin Island and Camille land and well.. not even done looking at the video. And, for you Neil Frank freaks and Bryan Norcross fans... great pic of the two of them together.

Happy April. Go Red Sox! We have Shaq and you don't :P
and... EDTV really was a great movie.. though have to tell you
Smokey and the Bandit was better ;)


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