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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blue Skies, Sunshine.. Red Sox Win and Everythings Looking Good

What a difference a day can make.

Feeling so much better today.

Went home early in real pain. Got home in time to be attacked by my 10 year old son who was jumping up and down like he had won the friggin lotto or something .. something about we were winning and it was the top of the 9th and ..well you get the idea. THE GAME was on ESPN. Zalmy.. zoom zoom zalmy was zooming about the room happier than .. well we won't say who but he was happy. I went in my room where he was already set up on my bed, tv blasting. There he was Johnny Damon looking so cute with the greatest hair and smile in the world catching a pop fly.

Something about someone had heart pains (he was spelling the name of the player) and someone else went out and I smiled, giggled.. and then thought "I"m going to kill them." Okay, so it's a little bit my fault also. But, I didn't mean to create such a monster.

Lied down on my bed and cuddled with Zalmy while he raced on and on about the game's highlights and 1 out, 2 outs...3 outs. Big smile from Bobbi who was greener than the color of a Green Bay jersey after it had been shoved around in the dirt on a fall afternoon.

Was it the broccoli in cheese sauce that made me sick or did I have the flu?
Did I CARE??? The Red Sox had managed to win yesterday, the perfect day to win. No way they'd lose yesterday. It was a good sign. And, God looked down and said "it was good."

And, then I fell asleep. Woke up around 7:15 and screamed at the kids to wake up (thinking they were late for school) ..they came in to explain it was 7:15PM.


Went back to bed. Shuky called to tell me his little butt was back in the good old U.S.A. after his recent sojurn in Israel. Sorry Yaffah but when you are a mother you will understand ... there are just some things you'd rather NOT worry on. Getting drunk, pregnant, sexually transmitted diseases and run over by a reindeer on the way to Grandma's house on Chrismtmas Eve is something everyone has to deal with.. terrorism on the French Hill Bus or being blown to bits while they are out partying on Ben Yehuda Street is one I'd rather not deal with.. love you, love to come visit you SOMEDAY (grin) but hey you come visit me.. I'm stuck here in Miami for now.

Eventually.. I fell back to sleep. Talked online to friends. Talked on the phone to my boyfriend or whatever we call him. Decided I was going to go to sleep... and feel better. But, I didn't. I did.. woke up at 4am with a helicopter trying to land on my roof and shooting search lights into my bedroom...

And, I woke up this morning and it was good. I decided I'd make it. Go to work. Live, love ....try to be happy lol.

Anyway...............the point is.. what is the point, let me look at the title?

Red Sox won their first game of the season. I promised the kid to take him to the movie.. someone owes me here BIG TIME. Think necklace... bracelet..necklace, pretty please lol.

And... sunshine, blue skies... what a day to take a walk in the park.

Oh...........lastly to that nice caller on the reference desk who was trying to find Peter Pistoni in Cooper City... lots of luck! That address really is wrong and yes even though I knew what Pistoni was.. I did look it up in the Italian to English translator.. sort of redundant if you ask me ;)

But, thank you for making me giggle and adding to the morning's statistics.

giggling, peter pistoni.. rich, really rich

happy happy to you too!

home run!


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