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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Baby's not feeling so good.. taking a break from blogging

Maybe I blogged too much yesterday. Then again.. I didn't really SAY much.. just did lyrics. Then again..the lyrics say a lot.

Had some yucky dinner last night, some broccoli and cheese sauce that made me feel like I was going to barf. I thought it was a switching sort of pmsing mood but guess it wasn't.

Anyway.. managed to stay at work so far. On a short break. Trying to hang in there.

Taking mental walks up and down Key West. Truman... lingering in front of the Deli Restaurant and yet not quite feeling right to go inside and order anything. Just wandering up and down Simonton and working my way over to the library. Now if I am working here in a library why would I go to the library there? Find a hotel room with a partial view and stare out at the water and hope to see some waterspout form.

Saw they are getting rain (or its hiding nearby) on the radar.

Rain in Key West is the best.

Going to go rest. Getting through the day hour by hour, minute by minute.



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