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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Some People Are MILES Above the Rest

Let me tell YOU something... yeah YOU.. the one who is "doing it" in YKwhos words.

Peter is miles above anything you will ever hope or attempt to be. Peter is a MENTSCH. A real, honest to goodness Mentsch beyond explanation or description. Maybe he hides behind a coat of many colors or terms bandied about such as scatological but thats a facade and never ever would he stoop so low as to play games that play with people's minds. Mind games.

No Peter's games are up front and very in your face and have to tell you something.. he laughs with the joke.. with you, not at you. And, he would never do anything that would make a person go totally miskabboble... or worry or wonder. Just laugh.

And, you know what? The world can use a whole lot more laughter.

Happy endings are not about having your heart and nerves ripped apart into little pieces on the way to "someday" and "happily ever after"


So... play your stupid games. Let your games begin but never end.

But, if I am laughing its not at your manipulations of people across a chess board geographically and all your little sources of information. If I am laughing its at warmth and friendship. And, sweet puppy dog eyes that look so damn sweet when they turn their head that wierd way and smile like a little child amused at the world but the amusement is not AT someone.. its at the wonder that the world is...

HE is a mensch.
A Sweet...sweet man.

And, he's not afraid to travel across the world or country or road down the road and actually look someone in their eyes as opposed to from high up above where ever you look from.

Happy Purim.

Who you sending next? Nieces? Nephews???? Why don't you send the whole nut case family???? While you are at it.. sure someone needs a job... find them a job at the library.. maybe they can pick up the poop from that stupid dog that people read to...

happy happy
i plan on getting very happy later, turning down the sound and having a very nice Purim.


And...God bless Peter. One person I can rely on to be an inspiration in my life.
Man. He understands Karma. Do you?


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