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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hurricane Trackers and Weather Fanatics

We are a strange group.

A good group if you ask me but... strange in ways.
Very hard to define exactly what we do or what we mean by "weather fanatic" though its easier to say Hurricane Tracker or Hurricane Chaser.

A weather fanatic is anyone who leaves their desk in a busy office to stand by the window and stare at the rain come down. Who notices a front hanging low on the horizon, dark and heavy against an otherwise quiet sky and we wait for it to rush through, come closer and watch what chaos will ensue. Sometimes the front slips through fast.. the sky becomes darkened, heavy ladden with rain and change and other times.. little features form at the base of the front and look like mini tornadoes and other times... it just gets cold. But either way..the weather fanatic will stand there staring, wondering, waiting.. for weather to change.

Maybe we all just like change. We like the excitement. A heavy snowfall. An ice storm. A foggy morning. Something different.

Often we look boring, semi-normal. My son's girlfriend's mother was talking to me the other day. Sweet lady, short curly hair, comfortably fit out in her favorite shorts and short sleeve shirt driving car pool and busy with her gardening. You'd think her hobby would be baking cakes or quilting. Upon hearing I track she suddenly lights up excitedly, feels around in the side pocket of her car door and pulls out her ever ready Hurricane Map that she takes EVERYWHERE. Is that cool/cute or what? May I point out here it was December. Not a hurricane insight anywhere but she had that map ready... to look at, to remember... just to have it like Linus and his blanket. I like her. A nice lady... a great tracker!

I have this room, my bedroom... all decorated in cool tropical shades of blues and aqua. Windchimes, colored glass bottles, photographs of the Keys and miscellaneous things here and there. Very feminine, very me... on top of the wicker table during the office season next to my books is.............a big hurricane chart/map standing against the wall. During the REAL season from June to Novemeber the other two or three will come out. For trackers.. more is always better when it comes to hurricane maps. Some show countries better, others show geographic features, some have boring fonts and little lines, some have more cities featured... some are just better than others.

We aren't crazy looking freaks. Most look sort of boring like your neighborhood accountant, which actually is good if you have a head for math and figures and I have met some real cute accountants but you know what I mean... by looking at them you wouldn't think they have read every story on death and destruction from the 28 or 35 Cane.. who knows? Right around your corner, over your shoulder Stephen King could be staring at you ..breathing down your back looking for his next morbid mystery with some terrifying twister about to descend on some spooky little town in Oklahoma. Me thinks Mr. Stephen is a weather fanatic but what do I know?


Well.. baseball season is about to start so I can watch the Red Sox. I have a best friend in Maine I promised to visit before the season gets nasty and a best friend in Macon I promised I'll take tranquilizers and come and see (I have issues with Georgia) and between now and June (or May 15th if you count the EPAC season) I will try and find things to amuse myself with..

Am I a weather fanatic? yes.. always have been. Earliest hurricane memories are standing by the window as a little, little girl watching the rain come down from Donna. Locked in, couldn't go play with my little cousin who lived next door and being yelled at to go away from the window :)

Weather fanatics.. no one understands us.. Except of course another weather fanatic.

Great site for the day

better site.. can get lost looking into that eye..

Sharon wants to know when "THE REPORT" is coming out. She's getting antsy up there at the top end of the Hurricane Zone.

Jay, my brother in Greece wants to know "sooo, what do you hear?"

We are all getting a little antsy. I'll try to stay out of trouble.

And... as long as the beeman and Clark suffers soulfully far away from me out on the Prairie.. I'll be fine. Not real happy with Clark these days.. getting curious about Lex Luthor.. now THERES a Weather Fanatic for ya!!

love ya all
bobbi (LoIsss)


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