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Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Purim!

I wrote this great post on what Purim really means and the value of it and I lost it.

So...........reCapping here.........

The value of Purim lies not in the story or the message as much as the fact that it was recorded and every year we remember it.

Lots of great stories happen in real life... they have great messages, a few people learn from them and then they are forgotten. Great stories are happening every day, great miracles too!

What makes Purim special?

The Megillah. The Story. It was recorded.. for history to remember and read.

It has the world's most beautiful heroine (Queen Esther) and it has the world's most righteous tzaddick.. great holy man.. good guy (Mordechai) and it has a mean, boooo, bad guy villain named Haman who had this particular fetish for wearing triangular hats. HAHA.. sort of like Napolean.. odd funny thought. Need to do research on that one. Where's Yaffah when you need her? Interesting little trivia on Jewish History. And... a hunky, handsome King who either falls in great love or lust or adoration for the beautiful Queen and will give her up to half his kingdom (stupid he wasnt.. not the whole kingdom lol) and like a Dues Ex Machina from heaven he helps to resolve the problem at the end (Charles Weinstein somewhere in Boston would appreciate that) and King comes down.. Esther triumphs..the Jewish People are saved and live on to be harrassed again in the future by another H man but... and in that case they survive. We are survivors.

We overcame the Inquisition.. we overcame near annilation in Persia.. we survived the Holocaust. And, we will keep on surviving.

But Purim is different because there is a Megillas Esther... it was recorded. We read it every year... and remember.


Now its time to drink a Lchaim... be merry, be happy and just friggin be happy.

Happy Purim... Remember, if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to record that it happened... no one will ever remember, years from now.

The power of writing, publishing and a faithful public who loves to re-read a classic.

My own choice for Queen Esther this year is a woman named Yaffah!
Who makes me smile and believes in the power of love and history and the eternal journey home.. the gathering back of the Jews in Exile.. before the coming days of Moshiah!

Serve the Lord With Joy... today and always


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