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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Dr. Gray's April 2005 Report.. Hurricane Intensive Post to follow...

Well.. nice reading if you are awake or have the time. Takes time to read through the report. The main gyst of it (future tense related here)... seems this year should be a stronger hurricane year, more hurricanes, more hurricane days, more INTENSE hurricane days.. how intense can you get?

Lost in hurricane statistics and thoughts.

Oh LOOK!! Bobbi is quiet tonight. How odd, how strange, how worrisome lol.

Nah.. never worry, be happy.

Been one of those days, end of March on the verge of April and Spring here..
Spring has sprung.. first time in my life I don't remember actually reading my own fortune cookie. I must have glanced at it.. I just don't remember it. So wierd.

Happy Hurricanes.. Bobbi


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