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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Complaints on Fickle Forecast

There's that old song... not doing a google search right now but it goes something like "can't please everyone else, guess you got to please yourself"

DC and Philly seem pissed that they did not get the snow that was forecast. Something about a dry spot developing over the Virginias and when storms come down from Michigan and mix with NEasters there is some spot that gets dry and ...lacks the snowfall. So after complaining nonstop over the predictions of dire winter storm warnings... they lucked out and got a mild snowfall and now they are pissed with the weather people for being wrong. They won't have to shovel a foot of snow. They won't have to watch it piled high turning black around the edges. They just got plain old snow.

Boy... good thing they weren't expecting a Cat 4 and it veered away and stayed offshore. Lords knows how pissed they'd be then.

As for me.... I almost wanted to hop on a plain yesterday and beat the storm into Logan International and grab the bus or train up to Maine and spend the snowfall cooped up with my best friend sitting in her room eating junk food, sipping diet dr pepper and eating junk food.. watching the snow fall. It is pretty up there.. for a visit anyway. Was so tempted... but nooooo... I had to work the reference desk, I have to pay bills.. I had a date for the evening. Well you know a committment is a committment and how would I explain to my kids I took the emergency money and went to Boston.. not like the REd Sox are playing or I had a reason to enjoy the season since I already did that. Nooooooo... Maine and Boston will have to wait for the Spring. Promised someone I would go up there in the Spring and see the bloomin flowers. the people of Philly and DC... count your blessings, go throw a snowball for me and remember weather is not a perfect science...its day to day unlike meteorology. There are no guarantees. You just got to play the hand you got.

Wondering if Providence and Portland got the snowfall they were expecting. Or Vermont for that matter. As for Miami.. I could be pissed too...was supposed to be in upper 40s and that's been changed to 50s/60s.. oh well..

And to quote Drew quoting me or some good writer..........I sort of live in the moment these days and..............try to enjoy it.

If anyone round here has any good tricks up their sleeves on how we can enjoy it more..together somewhere.......... I am open to suggestions.... as always.

Have a beautiful day, may the sunshine upon you always and may you never lose your sunshine.

Love Buttercup Butterfly Bobbi


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