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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bad Vibe Days.. violent wxr in georgia

A lot to say but not in the mood to say too much because I promised Caleb that I would try and be nice and not lose my temper and say things I regret so I will talk in code... so THEY know what I mean.

The weather in Georgia couldn't get violent enough but then it would be a waste seeing as when a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it.. its a good waste of good hail.

What's with Drudge today? He has something against Ojibwe people? NativeNazi??? Any Ojibwe's ever do anything to him? He is such a complicated man hiding under all of those hats not to mention those dark sunglasses.. I don't think so but who knows really. Think its sad beyond words that our great Anglo culture has been able to convey the best of what Europe has had to offer. Glorification of Hitler. No, we couldn't leave the wonderful Ojibwe people alone to be the beautiful native people they are.. we had to drag them all over northern America, after making sure they appreciated the wonders of alcohol and welfare we taught them trades in big cities and gave them our wonderful western culture. Personally.. I like Ojibwe's the way they are.. smile NATURAL. Like they needed our religion and our isms as opposed to their own belief system. Like they need Drudge being "cute" .. sad, really really sad. Shower them with love, they deserve it and we owe them an apology for ...for... underestimating them. As the Eagles said.. "get over it"

Yeah.. wasn't happy about the shootings at Red Lake. Hope it didn't affect anyone who knows anyone I know even if it is a different state but near by. :( sad

Sad like the fact that some lady who wanted to leave her husband but didn't was found close to death under such initial suspicious conditions that it was originally labeled a "possible homicide" gets denied medical care and rehab after her husband that she didn't leave gets money on a law case based on her not being able to be rehabed... and we never found out why she had at least 4 broken bones not related to her collapse and the man who she wanted to leave but didn't but did go to mass every sunday and youd think someone who went to Mass every sunday would most likely go by party line catholism which means.. food and water. She didn't have a swallow test since 92 even though in 97 she was drinking/eating pudding by spoon and my father had a swallow test anytime his next of kin asked.. which we did out of hope..

This is not about whether you want to live or die in her condition, its about whether she wanted to and frankly.. I don't believe her "husband" and if anyone has dragged this case through the courts its him. Let her parents have her.. move on like he has. What possible motivation does he have for her dying? Move on, get a life, let her parents and family care for her since they want to.. What skin off his back is it of his? On that Drudge was right Sunday night.. makes you wonder WHY its so important to him she dies. When she was first ill... he didn't remember she wanted to die.. he kept her alive and suddenly he has a change of faith and memory? Something stinks there big time. And, too many people have this attitude like she's some silly woman who was worried about her weight? why? Probably to please her husband who according to SEVERAL people say he used to add and subtract her mileage to and from work to make sure she didn't go anywhere else after work Can you spell
A B U S I V E and C O N T R O L L I N G??? I can.

Think the phrase was give me liberty or death. Not give me liberty which equals death.

Going to go rest, I don't feel well today and am fighting off a cold or something.



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