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Sunday, February 27, 2005

When it doesn't rain.. take a bath.

Somehow today I got cheated. I was supposed to go to Key West for some event I wanted to be part of but the speed crazed bus driver seems to have decided to make his stops 45 minutes early and pulled in.. and left without all the people who were there a half hour early but missed him. He must have had a hot date at the end of the road or a reason for speed, whatever... I stayed home. It's okay, planning to go down to Key West soon anyway and that will be more fun and less of a rushed trip. But, I had the ticket and I had friends having something going on so... oh well. was supposed to rain today. Rain.. real rain, possible thundershowers. It didn't. Just gray windy skies and a humid feeling pervading the whole general area. No rain. Right.. oh well.

Then I turn on TWC...there is this kick ass low out near California looking like it should be some wanna be upper level low about to go lower level that would make Burns sit and stare at it for hours and hours saying.. "come on wrap, you see that little dot there in the middle.. just wrap darling, wrap.." but no.. its in California of all friggin places.

My ex-husband just burned his finger and he doesn't have aloe sitting outside on a window sill in Brooklyn so he got sympathy online and some wierd thing he had that he said might help... okay.

My sort of boyfriend just got back from a trip up to Cape Canaveral where he got of course..............rain. Mind you he had to drive through it and doesn't like the rain like I do. Not fair. Really not fair.

My kids are watching some stupid super-hero movie about Spiderman who is having a psychological meltdown about his life. Sucks to be a superhero. You know what is worse than being a super hero? It's being in love with a superhero. The ONLY thing worse than being in love with a superhero is being in love with a screenwriter. One wants to save the world and the other wants to save the ending.

Two pieces of advice to the screenwriter:
In the words of the drop dead gorgeous native american indian: K.I.S.S.
(Keep it simple stupid) (or silly if you prefer)


In the words of Bobbi: Everyone wants a happy ending!

Put that together... the advice not Bobbi and the drop dead gorgeous native american indian non screenwriter, non superhero, non boyfriend and non-ex-husband...

Happy Ending + KISS = $$$$

by the way.............the kiss should be with the girl (or guy if you are gay) and NOT anyone else.

People need happy endings.

So..........being the upbeat positive girl I am. I took some wine that he left here the other day and took a nice hot bath in some sea salts that my daughter gave me for my birthday.

My pleasant surprise of the day is that the bath salts that turned out to be feet salts.....(well my feet are body related right?) had these little springs of lavendar leaves and blossoms or whatever but they were lavendar and they floated around magically in the steaming hot water. They mixed together with the water and floated about and released the most amazing scents, relaxed me together with the Blush wine and the wild honey candle that was burning and if it rains later I'll go out side and stand in it. If it doesn't.. I'm okay because it was about as close to heaven as it gets. I stood up... feeling like a new person, wrapped myself up in the new plush lavendar colored towel that I bought at Ross today and decided to sit myself down and write myself a letter and get it all out of my system.

So.............remember one thing that can be learned from today..When it doesn't rain.............take a bath!

Dont fall in love with screenwriters or superheroes.

Do stay friends with your ex-husband and do hold onto sort of boyfriends and count your blessings instead of sheep :)

ps...........if any of my kids do read this.. don't, all mommies should have some secrets and secret places to hide from during windstorms and volcanoes even during the off season. As for the Oscars......... it was more fun being in California last year.. it was such a good trip, really. Sure hope that house doesn't fall down its beautiful hillside ........sigh .... burp

chow for now


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