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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Santa Clara Airport loses parts of runway to the Rain Game

As part of the Santa Clara Airport runway tumbles into the nearby raging Santa Clara River the world stops to wonder what is going on in California. Million dollar homes built on hillsides are supposed to tumble down into the rich ravines below but not Airports. Topanga Canyon always has problems... but not Highland Park and not pieces of highway that give way to the unstability of the ground from the torrents of rain that have fallen nonstop in the Southland. No.. airports losing their runways is not supposed to happen in Southern California.

Malibu Canyon and Topanga are par for the course.

A young teenager dying while sitting in her bedroom tapping away online to her friends or doing a science project report are not supposed to die from "heavy rains." That is not it seems part of the deal with the old song "It Never Rains In Sunny California."

Well it does rain this year. And, it's going to keep on raining as a parked low pressure system pinwheels beautifully on radar screens and not so beautiful if you own a home or are trapped out on the 101 because they had to close the Ventura Highway.

I was there in 1983. I woke up to find water racing down our street in West Hollywood (we didn't live on a hill however there must have been the smallest amount of gradient and if there is..the water will find it. We lived between Santa Monical Blvd and Melrose.. not Topanga Canyon. Our roof gave way in the bedroom minutes after we got up out of bed because our little daughter woke us to tell us it was raining in our bedroom. Yes Esther Shayna.. it was and as the morning progressed it rained harder in our bedroom. We moved off of Poincianna into a better apartment on Fuller. It was a messy year in California. This year has surpassed that one.

So I wonder.. is losing 155 feet of a runway sexy enough to be a lead story? Easy to make fun of Drudge of Sunday night fame because he doesn't stop the newsworld just because a story happens on Sunday night. Now we are the lead story on

Weather..not just for the geaky it seems. Not just for the rich and famous.
Waiting to see if we end up above the 3rd highest this year or where we go from here. List from MSNBC below.

SoCal soaked
Rain totals are highest in more than a century
1. 1883-1884 38.18
2. 1889-1890 34.84
3. 2004-2005 33.61
4. 1977-1978 33.44
5. 1940-1941 32.76
6. 1982-1983 31.28
7. 1997-1998 31.01
8. 1968-1969 27.47
9. 1992-1993 27.36
10. 1979-1980 26.98


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