Hurricane Harbor

A writer and a tropical muse. A funky Lubavitcher who enjoys watching the weather, hurricanes, listening to music while enjoying life with a sense of humor and trying to make sense of it all!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

PS... 2 things of importance for Jay and others

1: for the spinning non-hurricane in the Atlantic thats awesome to stare at... and 2: please note Jay that only the coolest of the cool, smartest of the smartest... hottest and sexiest and most perfect would bother to fill out the form so that they could comment as opposed to certain brothers who don't bother with those forms and just email me back. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh someones found our private message board in the sunshine. Do you know why I call this Hurricane Harbor little brother Jay? You might... maybe you would, email me if you can figure it out. love me


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