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Monday, February 21, 2005

Drudge is Right On LA Rainfall...BIG BIG STORY

So I am lazy. I'm allowed. It's my vacation here... President's Day. 21 years ago in the Valley back when I lived in L.A. I gave birth to a son on President's Day. Good thing too cause if it hadn't been a legal holiday lord only knows how we would have gotten into the Valley from West Hollywood during rush hour. The Lord Works in mysterious good ways.

So... I'm home, I'm having fun. Talking to my best friend Sharon online and my best bud online here as well...who shall remain ...nameless except to me.

Cutting and pasting my morning letter to Jay into my blog. It works.
Birds chirping here but in LA its raining...go figure.

Rainfall of epic proportions in the LA Basin... its not a big sexy story like a fire running rampant through Duarte or down a hillside in Topanga Canyon or a mudslide where half of Topanga Canyon washes away but trust me, trust Drudge on this............its a BIG story.

LA cannot take that kind of rain. LA can't take a small amount of rain and this is one after another, lows lined up like evening flights out of JFK into MIA... one after another and the season ain't over for rainfall in the basin. Houses are slipping and sliding.... its big. Historic...but sort of sensually so and not in your face sexy like so it will remain a back burner story until some big sexy newstory comes along with some house falling into the LA River which is now a TEMPEST and the house like a tea cup will contain people spilling out into the river for some huge drama of a rescue story that will appear years from now on The Weather Channel... and THEN it will be headline news. Meanwhile today the world focuses on what did Bush say when he didn't think anyone was listening and the odd death of a journalistic icon who created his own journalistic genre... hunter s. thompson

Click here: Page 2 : Shotgun Golf with Bill Murray
so............hunter s. thompson died... gunshot, seemingly self inflicted unless a low flying duck on his golf range fought back ends with article on bill murray, drudge was obsessed about it last nightnot sure which part the most and then that so few people knew who he was
meanwhile in a parrallel universe... Sandra Dee died...the original Gidget why does the original gidget die when i turn 50.. seems wierd because always identified myself with the sally field Gidget girl version, i mean how could i a brunette as Ron has pointed out on many occaisions but the enthusiasm of Sandra Dee in that role.. was really perfect, she really got it. Nailed it. Like Bill Murray in Stripes or Caddyshack.

Something cool about nailing something Perfect.

Yaffa did that yesterday ... I couldn't do anything but giggle and wonder how pathetic must my giggling sound and what exactly my giggling was worth to someone. Can giggle thinking about it.
See...that is what Hunter Thompson nailed in that last article. The joy of having a friend who is as nuts as you are, genious nuts of course and the art of being able as Plnc would say on the board.. "shoot the breeze" but you aren't just BSing.. you are really on the verge of philosphical creation or.. oh shoot lost the thought, hate that.. as I sit here watching the little sunbeam prisms dance around my room from the bright sunlight pouring in on a day when I am OFF of work.

Couldn't place Hunter Thompson last night or why exactly it stuck in my mind. Was sure it stuck in Drudge's mind for many reasons and that is what bothered me... all those glasses, all those hats.............sigh. Then he said Leaving Las Vegas and the scariest thing is he caught himself online and stopped and I knew exactly what he was thinking... which made my skin crawl more than the caller from New England. Leaving Las Vegas indeed, tell me what you know about that Drudge. I know... you were confused but you had a thought and I know the thought sort of... self inflicted indeed.

So...this Jay is stream of concious thinking.. conciousness... talking to my friend, watching the little balls of light bounce around in the gentle morning breeze, bright sunshine and thinking What Am I going to do today?

I did the boat show last week. Sort of.. :) Strictly Sail lol I really take the little car boy to the boat show? Right now he is drawing out his ideas for a car lot he wants to own when he is all grown up. Terrified on his magnet school form application he wrote "what I want to do after highschool essay was ...own the world's biggest car lot"

So what did I want to say today?

I think Drudge nails it a lot. You don't have to agree with him politically as much as watch how his mind works and hear his amazenment in his voice that no one else seems to get what is so simplistically there for all to see that he in his intricate mind always sees... he is the most amazing blend of left brain anal retentive person mixed with the heart of a truly right brain "see the whole picture" romantic person all rolled up into one. With great taste in music and or a good friend who pays him well to play the music which would show a great genious talent for the world of business and either way I know Drudge and he wouldn't play something he hated...
And, I agree with him on two major LA is getting and incredible amount of rain and its HISTORIC in proportions, more than that silly taping by the righteous priest person and............its really WET.
second.............I do agree with that caller Bob in Concord Rhode Island (pronounced Concerd btw concurd, rhymes with turd... the bus driver cute guy Mark from up there on the way to Portland out of Boston taught me that, great tour, sweet guy... reminded me of someone, can't remember who) and... Bob in Concord Rhode Island was and is absolutely right. Who CARES if Bush slept with a Teddy Bear, does anyone care if I slept with a Teddy or still do???... we have bigger Fish to fry around here. Then again its a LONG tape and lord only knows whats on that tape so maybe something of more substance will show up beyond Bush shooting the breeze which we knew he could do being a Texan wanna be good ole Southern Boy who spends summers in Maine. Sorry .. I've been to Maine... there are no good old Southern Boys but Mark the bus driver who lives in the trailor park in New Hampshire was kinda cute. Jimmy B says.. we are the people our parents warned us about and do we really want to tell our kids EVERYTHING we did? Kids have this natural desire to top the parents or compete with them.

I was told yesterday by my girls I would be BUBBLES from some silly thing with pics/icons online and I don't think they meant Bubbles doing a Fan dance behind giant bubbles...they meant Bubbles like sweet like Cotton Candy, sweet like you know who. the world of the wierd.................Hunter Thompson and Sandra Dee and I can't remember who else... oh well will see it later in the day.
Watch the rain story in LA. It's snowing in New England. And in Miami little sunbeam like prisms are dancing across my walls, the palm tree outside is fluttering... its a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Waiting for weather... I'd like some rain here. Just a little. To remind us what its all about and .... we are getting too dry out in the Glades... too close to fire season... far from hurricane season and close to tornado season and my son's favorite driver won the world series of car racing yesterday:) which is almost as good as the Red Sox Winning the World Series.
yes............i love a happy ending!
love Bobbi

ps............who knew on the day that the Hilton girl's phone was hacked into my daughter Miriam's account would be hacked into..that is sooooooooooooooooooo random. Wonder if they pissed off the same person lol.

pss..dont want weather today.. want to relax and enjoy the weather

enjoy today.. all of you, love me again


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