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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hurricane Harbor on Hiatus

Taking a break for a week or so as I am busy with the Jewish Holidays of Sukkos (nice we didn't have a hurricane to blow our sukkos down..looked iffy there for a while) and trying to feel better after a bout of being under the weather.

Love to my brother Jay. Miss Rodney too. Really bugged me also... especially when I heard about him being in a coma last week. Maybe dealing with Daddy's death ain't so easy afterall.

Check out info on some return ..first qt after saturn maybe. Will check on being 42.

Tired, watching Mt. St. Helens.. all of us weather freaks are closet geology freaks.

On that note... Red Sox WON!! :) very cool

Will be back next week after the holidays and hopefully I find some sort of inspiration to write upon.

What does a muse do when she needs a muse herself? Can the master become a muse to the muse to make the muse smile again or does the master move on to a new muse? So many questions and never was a guidebook. Did Jeanne have a guidebook when Tony found her on that island? Probably not. She probably threw it some one who pissed her off passing by in the gulfstream.

Will see. Either way. I'm stuck down here...far from fall foillage which I never was much big on myself but can think of a few places I'd enjoy watching the stupid (kidding) Red Sox. What a stupid life for a muse. I should be somewhere interesting.. key west, st augustine, pt. or ft. saint mary where ever that is. How bout the Isle of Man? Hmmmnnnn

I need a vacation. I'm on hiatus.
Waiting to see if I'm being renewed lol haha, kidding. Got to go..

thats me.. moi.. chowing for nowing


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