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Saturday, September 04, 2004

North Dade coverage by Bokamper and Jimmy Cefalo

This is great. They finally sent someone out to cover NE Dade and its the Dolphin Weather Team Squad.

Bokamper is in Sunny Isles.
Cefalo was in North Miami Beach.

Strong strong bands feeding through.. watching Bokamper a big strong guy out there getting buffetted is really driving home the point how strong these squalls are.. listening now. This is much windier than it was most of the day.

He keeps mentioning the electric being on there but I think that where he is has underground electric like Miami Beach and it makes a big difference.

Going off... going to rest and listen to wind and constant tv coverage and the rain..

oh the rain

know a man who would love to listen to this rain
nonstop, never ending... rain pouring down

Reminds me of the song Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain but too wiped to look for the lyrics.

Nite again, Bobbi


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