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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Landscaping and Hurricanes "what to plant" and "what not to plant" Lesson learned

Watching the tv coverage and enjoying myself in case I lose electric later. Sharon just lost electric during the last feeder band. First time I heard thunder the whole storm.

Things I learned from Frances. How and what to plant near the house and what not to...

Keep those Royal Palms far from the house. One split a house in two in Broward County.

Ficus trees belong in parks... big great parks where the air roots can grow down and anchor the tree and lanscapers don't try to make them decorative plants.

Sea Grape...far from the house...nowhere near power lines than can go snap in the wind with the branches.

Black Olive belong elsewhere.

Gumbo Limbo are good. Royal Poinciannas are great...small little branches fly away and I do mean small edges of branches. Even a few bright orange flowers remain on trees.

That too is amazing.

Flowers look so delicate... and fragile...and beautiful. Yet then have this ability to hang on and stay on when big trees go snap in the night.

Ixora, poincianna, bougenvilla... even frangipangi. The little blossoms that look so fragile and delicate hang on when big massive hard trees go smack in the night and lie broken by their side... flowers remain.

Amazing really.

Have to go... teaching Zalmy who is ten how to track on a map with Ivan. He's watching Ivan. They all are...all the kids. No cable..can't watch the tropical update. Oh well..

Hope they get that massive ficus tree cleaned up before Ivan comes our way.


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Thank you so much! This is amazing! Balcony gardening


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