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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hurricane Ivan going WEST bound .. but it may turn WNW.. really.

Can someone get this site to load?? lol

Okay.. post for goes. Forgive the long post but its been a long labor day weekend and even I am a bit tired of tracking. Can think of a few things I would love to do today and none of them include work even though I had a five day vacation mostly without pay and need to work my butt off. Not to mention pay FPL who deserves their money as they are working hard to get people back online with power. Great job those men in their bucket trucks do.. have to tell you. There is dedication. Best picture I saw from Frances is some power line that snapped off and only the top of one poll was hanging..dangling in the breeze between two others .. looked like Cats Cradle sort of game.. Just hung there with only the T part left of the pole.

Hurricane Ivan
Has to be the most hyped storm so far this year. Should have been the H storm for all the hype.
It is about to crash into South America going due west but every model has it pulling north and turning into a cat five and heading straight to party in Key West/South Beach and what's left of Florida.

Jim at Hurricane City was one of the few to admit that a few waves this season died over South America while people everywhere kept cheering on bits and pieces of rainfall trying to resurrect them into Hurricanes further north. This was done so much that there argued with Unisys for days over naming Charley or Bonnie a seperate storm from the TD even though it got the right letter. Pissed with Unisys. Well I know how that goes. Jim was right... that wave back then did die over South America.

This is not to say I expect Ivan to die over South America. No..not really. I do think it will set back its travel plans a bit and do think it will take all of the Kings horses and all of the Kings men to put Ivan back together again.. IF doesn't follow the WNW plan.

For example... the NHC track and the next days models are dependent upon it lifting WNW and not doing the hoochie koochie dance in Venezuela. They are probably right. But until I see it turn west north west I am not going to run around screaming at the kids to stop eating that last pack of Graham Crackers they didn't eat during Frances. We put cream cheese on chocolate graham crackers..was better than cheesecake.

So... will watch Ivan today. See what it does.

This is my motto in life these days. Believe what you see and not what people tell you, try to imply, insinuate or predict. Not interested in "someday" or predictions of "absolutely" or "you bet" when predicting the future. I am not a better.. or a gambler. Life isn't based upon a Magic 8 ball. I take chances sometimes... when I have a good reason or not much to lose. Somethings and some people are worth taking chances on. Something that takes 7 days or 7 years to verify are not. Anything past the 5 number is too far out there for me.. whether it verifies or doesn't its past my window on life. SNONUT taught me that one the hard way.

If my brother Jay is reading this... he owes me three cards? What is taking so long? Trying to bond with a picture of me at 16 or something... don't be like YKW.. come on already, gave you my thoughts earlier.

To anyone else reading this who is reading between the lines. Please stop the name game now unless you are trying to push me away because its not amusing me and it depresses me and I am out of Jack Daniels. As I am not a drinker this is a problem and want nothing to do with anything or anyone who has gone near Tennessee (sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings its a personal thing) I may have to go to Walgreens and lay out another 1.99 or .99 cents on a small bottle of something low in carbs. No I am not a big drinker ...obviously either. If you don't want to be yourself right now.. fine, fine, fine... go write something witty with a definitive ending that doesn't take 7 years to resolve and bore the audience to death. No one would have watched Message in a Bottle if they didn't like watching Kevin Costner stand around looking wistfully at his sailboat playing with its lines. And... no one would have watched Sleepless in Seattle if it didn't have the best sountrack in the world and women everywhere wanting to be Meg Ryan. Women who were thrilled to have her move up in the world from Billy Crystal to another cancer man Tom Hanks.

There is nothing beautiful or exciting about unrequited love or people too afraid to come out from behind a tree where they stand hiding (hope Frances didn't crash your tree btw) and there is nothing beautiful about two stupid people being too stupid to say something but travel cross America and watch eachother from across the street or down the block. It works for people afraid to take chances and sit in their secure world watching from a distance, wanting..wishing when they could have jumped out from behind the tree on Long Beach Blvd or San Antonio or Atlantic Avenue or from behind the carousel in Torrance Mall or a pair of dark glasses or mirrored glasses and funky hats and been honest. There is no movie big enough or long enough and I find Ryans Daughter the most depressing movie there is.. if you really want to see the love of your life pass by from a train bound for Siberia.. OH WHOOPEE'd probably like. oh ooops ...meant Dr. Zhivago.. what was I thinking? Jay knows.. he read my diaries.

People want to see Happy Endings. They have depressing little lives that get tossed about by hurricanes and things beyond their control. They don't want to see people get on jet planes and travel to California to watch Tom Hanks from a far and decide he is seeing someone else and chicken out and get on their plane and travel all the way back to NY unless it has one good damn soundtrack in it. The soundtrack makes you happy and makes you want to hum along even if you think she's too good for Tom Hanks. Sorry Tom am sure you are cute and other cancer men love you but you are just an example here. Nothing personal. Thought you were cute dressed as a girl in Bosom Buddies but hey... I've seen another BIG man up close and personal dressed up as woman pretending to be woman for some unknown reason and may I say here..they are cuter than you!

Anyway........go finish your script ..or your life.. leave me alone unless you want to send me some small little cute bottle of Jack Daniels or no...the Coconut Rum. Heard Coconut helps weight loss and am sticking to my diet so coconut rum works. lol. No I don't weigh 500 pounds but if I did I am sure I would still be damn cute. Its about staying in control of your life and your eating.. thinking..etc.

When you are done with your new project I'll send you the Oklahoma novel..hows that? You can finish it. Ive decided I can't really bond to a place that doesnt have a good tree to lie down under and fall in love with a great epic hero.

And..........may I say here a great epic hero isn't afraid to look a girl in the eye or elsewhere that his eyes may wander to and not afraid to smile up and take a chance on reaching out for her because when you reach out for someone you have to OPEN YOUR HAND and let go of What you have in it and take a chance.

Those are the things I would gamble on... not gamble on what a girl will or wont do or whether Sharon and I head for the stationary section first or the home improvement section... and not whether I will or won't take some bait someone set out before my eyes. Or if I will or won't do Hard Morry said.. why not? Life has to be pretty boring if you have to gamble on people. My father at least had Jai Alai.

To those of you still reading this.. its not tropical.. mind your own business. lol I said this was for YKW.

I'll tell you one thing about Sleepless in Seattle.. bet you anything that boy grows up to be a force to reckon with more than his daddy. Would have been better set in Key West but alliteration wouldn't have been as good. Such is writing. And, would have ended the movie at sunset somewhere on Mallory Square not the Empire State building but well.. probably America loves the Empire State building better...but then have they seen a Key West sunset?

And no one wanted to sing "Way down upon the Pee Dee River" except maybe my brother Jay.

For those of you who are still here and tropically inclined.
Ivan may or may not threaten Florida in five or six days.
I will worry on it when I see him make the turn.
I will look over OLD UNISYS charts and ... I will make a prediction.

For anyone keeping track..
I said Tampa was wrong for Charley and predicted he would go in further south around Naples maybe or Marco Island/Sanibel. I was very close.
More than a week before I said that if Frances doesnt take the 1893 path and go up into South Carolina and if it did take a Florida path it would hit between WPB and Melbourne. I was right.
Doing pretty good there on predictions even if I do say so myself. Wish I could predict no one gets creamed.
As for Ivan.. I'll give my thoughts tomorrow when we see what is left after he pulls out fast..
Til then.. its back to work for us working girls.
Chow for Now.. Bobbi

ps.... I was never into Come Back Little Sheba.. if I was into that period it would have been Lolita as no one is as good as Nabokov when it comes to prose and open thoughts. More into Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and women and men who aren't afraid to take a chance.

Win some.. you lose some? But you don't win them all if you don't have guts and let what you want slip away. And I do remember that your mother loved that movie but she wouldn't have loved the movie so much if she didn't love Cary Grant. Insanity runs in the whole family it is obvious, all sides, angles and lord only know what the nieces and nephews are like.
Bobbi...trying not to get upset over the poor state of the human condition and trying to give a damn about Ivan.


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