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Friday, September 10, 2004

Hurricane Ivan Approaches Jamaica

Hope somehow it misses.

I wonder what they are thinking... and if its the things I'm thinking or thought the night before Andrew.

Probably not.
The people of Jamaica are beautiful people who have a deep faith in God, the powers that be in the universe..goodness... wonders.. I work with a Jamaican girl.. I love her. She's a 7th Day Adventist. She has great warmth and faith and happiness. She has a big family back home. I pray for their safety. She remembers Gilbert though her family was fine then.. I hope they are this time.

I pray it misses... it could. A fast shift in the track.. can save so many lives and homes.

No reason I can't pray for a miracle.. is there? I'm allowed.

So I will.. pray it somehow lifts just enough north that it somehow misses it.
I know conventional thinking has been that it would miss if it does to the sw but I never believed that.

Not freaking here over Ivan yet.
I will make the decision to freak on Saturday night after Shabbos.. a tropical shabbos.

See where it is when it crosses Cuba.. where the air flow pattern is.. what condition and speed it is going.

Working too hard. Need a vacation but a paid one.
I don't want to go to work today. I'm forcing myself.
I want to do so many things...none of them sit and work where I think too much.

Stuart took me out last night to some chinese/sushi place. Ordered a big boat with lots of sushi and sashimmy lol however that spell that. Soup, fried ice cream.. my one chosen "break the diet for the storm" and get it over with... and be good today again. Been good, have to make choices sometimes. A good friend.. we talked about friends back home in Key West and his fish pond there and how he is worried about the fish. Got to love a man who is worried about creatures big and small. A good friend. Lots of good friends in my life. A few friends may come up from Key West for the evacuation.

:( I want to be in Key West. Like NOW.. this MORNING..if I knew someone with a small plane I would love to fly in for the day. Walk down Truman.. wander around til Simonton.. hang a left, walk towards Fleming.. get some yogurt in Faustos.. wander up and down Whitehead Street and bond with my great grandma a bit. Ask her what made her tick and who she really loved and what went through her brain living down their in the 1880s... Stare up at the house one last time maybe and pray its there when Ivan passes. Its set back more away from the street. Framed by a flamingly bright scarlett poincianna tree in May and June.. Has a long balcony and could face the wind more than Stuart's house which is lower and set in between buildings further inland. Worry a bit on the Temple but the Rabbi insists was built in the 60s with poured concrete and could withstand a hurricane but United is pretty close to the Ocean.. built up.. should be okay. Will be.. right?

So... here Ivan comes.. he makes his move.

What do I think?

I think he will go between wnw and nw.. beginning to move more nw.
I think he is very near a collapsing high that will hang in there just kinda sorta enough to keep some westerly component in his movement. Think he clips Jamaica (wish ful thinking?) and sits down south of Cuba ...north of Jamaica a bit watching the steering currents and waiting to see where to make his move.. wnw..nw... nw.. he will move north. Where.. Further to the east than west and I'm not a better but I would bet on that. If and when he makes that turn the orientation of the high moving in from the west... the trough... the way the high to its east is backing off makes me think the angle will be 7 to 1.. Not quite NNE .. maybe... not NE. I don't think so... one would have to really dig in and the other erode at the same time.. maybe 6:30 to 12:30 or 7 to 1.. somewhere.. just east of north. Depends on speed and when it happens and where.

Waiting to see..
Hoping that everyone is wrong and made a mistaica and Jamaica will be fine and dandy with a glancing blow from Ivan. I can hope for anything...right?

Later... if I don't run away today.

Bobbi Storm

Jamaica Mistaica
By: Jimmy Buffett
Some folks say that I've got the perfect life.
Three swell kids, lots of toys and a lovely wife.
I fly.
I sail.
I throw caution to the wind.
Drift like a stratus cloud above the caribbean.
But every now and then
The dragons come to call.
Just when you least expect it you'll be dodging cannon balls.
I've seen to much not to stay in touch with a world full of love and luck.
I've got a big suspicion 'bout ammunition.
I never forget to duck.
Come back
Come back Back to Jamaica
Don't you know we made a big mistaica
We'd be so sad if you told us goodbye
And we promise not to shoot you out of the sky
It was a beautiful day
The kind you want to toast
We were treetop flyin'
Movin' west along the coast
Then we landed in the water
Just about my favorite thrill
When some asshole started firin'
When we taxied to Negril
Just about to lose my temper
As I endeavored to explain
We had only come for chicken
We were not a ganja plane
Well you should have seen there faces
When they finally realized
We were not some coked up cowboys
Sportin' guns and alibies
Come back
Come back Back to Jamaica
Don't you know we made a big mistaica
We'd be so sad if you told us goodbye
And we promise not to shoot you out of the sky
They shot from the lighthouse
They shot from the highway
They shot from the top of the cliff
They'd all gone haywire
We're catchin' fire
And there wasn't even a spliff
Well the word got out
All over the island
Friends, strangers, they were all apologizin'
Some thought me crazy for bein' way to nice
But it's just another shitty day in paradise
Come back
Come back
Back to Jamaica
Don't you know we made a big mistaica
We'd be so sad if you told us goodbye
And we promise not to shoot you out of the sky
Come back Come back Back to Jamaica
Don't you know we made a big mistaica
We'd be so sad if you told us goodbye
And we promise not to shoot you,
promise not to shoot you,
Promise not to shoot you out of the sky


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