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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hurricane Ivan and Jamaica

It's like watching a picasso painting in constant fluctuating being repainted over and over again with every color enhanced water vapor loop which comes in anew and keeps painting a picture that isn't finished yet.

There's one....soon there will be another. Isn't it beautiful? How can you not fall in love with God's own natural art?

Didn't post yesterday. Couldn't. The library had about 5 gazillion people rushing in to get new reading material before the next hurricane and suck up the libraries freezing air while its still there. What would I do if the library got blown away? Well... I can sub in Dade County Schools because so many teachers would leave town or just never make the drive down from Broward County where they all leave.

I could move to NY and move in with Dina in her Flatbush basement..spread the remaining kids around to their syblings up there and take a broadway holiday with my exhusband.

I could move to Key West and work as a waitress and a teacher and live in small but beautiful cramped, crowded apartment in Old Town. IF its left.

Oh... I can go back to Lubavitch..sign up and sign on for some wierd shalichos job somewhere at some city one of my many friends are in charge somewhere.... happy I am back.

Here is the new track..sent to me by Steve
Guess NHC and TWC don't agree. It's meteorologists agree. Think Bastardi has it making landfall in Shangchai. Have read Mobile, Galveston, Charleston and Maine.

So... where will it go?
Don't know for sure.
Don't have a good feeling.

My best girlfriend from highschool calls me last night (and I promise this is true) at midnight just after I finally fall asleep in dreamland.. She is leaving this morning for Texas to visit her sister for TWO WEEKS. She is not staying for Ivan. I told her all the things I didn't write online yesterday when I didn't blog anything. The new things in my life that she doesn't know about or where my messy mind is. I mean she's leaving saying goodbye like she doesn't expect Florida to be here. I may as well tell her the truth. Tell someone. And, she should.. she's legally blind and really not up to more tropical crap and wants to see her sister Liz.. I'd like to see her sister Liz. Sounded upset and annoyed "they" never agreed upon getting hurricane shutters. Didn't know what to say. Odds are it will miss her house? It's a long ways away when you toss an atomic bowling ball at Miami from SE of Jamaica.

I'll play with it today.
Spent too long reading well written letters from my brother Jay this morning to do more than read and decide what to print out later. Will think on Ivan later.

Will wait for the 11am and see where its going then.

People at work want my attention, my opinion, my smile.. my good looks, charming personality and friendliness while they stand at the reference desk trying to go online, find things they couldn't find after being online and looking for literary criticism on the Brave New World this week.

Will write something later on my thoughts as to where it will go.

Sharon will be here any minute and I'm not dressed and don't have make up on and not sure where my shoes are.. well my ankle strap heels are at work in the drawer waiting for me to turn into lady librarian when I get there.. til then I'll be in my sandals..

Later, Bobbi
somewhere in all the mess of cleaning up Miami.. Southern Bell had time to shut off Sharon's phone. Really pathetic


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