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Friday, September 03, 2004


The wind is so calm right now between bands that it is hard to believe what it was like an hour ago.

Winds picked up, the sky became very dark with clouds moving fast from NE to SW and suddenly all hell broke loose. Several things like garbage cans not secured down the block went flying down the middle of the block. Trees all bent over and the ficus trees were freaking... branches dancing in all directions across the street. The kids thought they might go over. They didn't.

We could stay in front of the house on the porch where my bedroom juts out beyond the house entrance way so that we were shelted and watched the whole magical scene. The wind was howling.. you could hear it very strong off to the East. Suddenly a tree down the block began to break in two. It was the longest loudest sound I've heard "crack.." in ages. really went "crack" lol and we peaked around the front of the house to see it go crashing down to the ground and into the street. Winds were low enough to go out into the driveway. There was nothing about to break trees that could fall.. etc.. Wind felt wild. Began raining .. All the leaves from the Mango Trees behind the house that weren't on well went flying over the house and rained down onto us like a water fall of colored leaves. Looked like a fall in Hurricane Land. The lawn was littered with leaves which flew on down the block. Yelled at the kids to stay close to the house.. they pretty much did.

As it lessened a little we walked down the block to where a few people came out after hearing the noise and helped the man pull the branch off of the car where the branch fell.

As we walked back to the house another band came through but mostly just heavy rain. Sun came out warm and hot to dry us off and got gray again quick. Temperature dropped some.

Now we are skies. Damage reports are coming in. Hotel awnings on South Beach fell blocking the street on top of a few cards. Ficus trees in the SW fell down.

We are cozy here. Relaxing a bit. Watching the storm on TV..on the laptop...through the windows.

Personally I don't think the storm is really moving at 8mph.. think it has stalled or is drifting just north of west but a drift and hard to tell. You can see it on radar... on sat imagery. Maybe its temporary.

One comment on shelters. I wouldn't want to have to go to one. I have a house.. pretty safe. I have family with good strong shutters for a stronger storm. BUT...if I was alone or a single mother with a child I would go to a shelter. Better to be there.. let the kids play with other kids, talk to people...and be safe. If you have a medical condition.. they will watch out for you. I'd rather be here in my nice cozy home.. in bed online.. but... if I was in a different place in my life I would and recommend you go to a shelter.

Otherwise... a note for Mom and Pop stores everywhere. GOD BLESS YOU.

All the big chains close up on schedules but there they are...early today when the storm slowed down and it was safe to go out and do things...there they were. Bakeries.. restaurants... 99cent stores.. keeping open.. working and making money... their employees working and making money.. the economy moving.. people happy to talk and shmooze and exchange words with friendly neighborhood Mom and Pop stores. They are what America is built upon. Not the big fancy chains that lay off their part time help without pay for a day of no weather... not worried on insurance and covering their asses according to corporate information. They watch the news. They give help off as needed. Family members come in to help out. They are like islands of old time small towns with friendly faces you see everyday and know well. God Bless Them. Really.

Thats it for now.

Might post again before Shabbos. Cooked lots of food. BBQ chicken, small brisket, potato salad. Glad we are able to stay home and not be locked up at my brothers with my mother, my sister in laws mother, their hyper hound and young nephew who HATES thunderstorms.. If the weather got bad.. would be nice... nice to have but for a good tropical storm... would rather be here.

Waiting between bands in North Miami Beach.

shhhh was fun. I know I know ..not nice to say and some may have so much damage from Frances..then again she could come ashore..sort of weakened, much to do about nothing (happens sometimes) and well...........I love weather. Really really really love weather so.. was so much fun. Pray we stay safe throughout the rest of the storm.


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