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Friday, September 03, 2004

Hurricane Frances and Shabbos

Okay. Going to put away the computer for awhile.

It's almost time to light Shabbos candles.

We have tons of food and I am soooo happy to be home in my house for what is left of the storm and Shabbos.

Have BBQ chicken. A piece of brisket with BBQ sauce.
Potatoes and Onions... roasted.

Gefilte Fish
Matbucha (motbooooka) lol
Potato Salad...made fresh
Guacamole, freshly good.

Even made Cholent..hope the electric stays on..if not have frozen cooked chicken in the freezer to defrost for lunch.

Lots of other things... more snack food than I ever buy for Shabbos.

And...more sodas than I would ever buy..

We are fine.

As for Frances... I think she has stalled. Don't think she is moving much at all.
Spinning on her own little times looks like she is drifting west or punching west but I am sure ......NHC is right and she will resume a WNW movement towards WPB. (will see...)

Anyways... whatever happens. Leaving on a weather radio quietly in another room so nothing takes us by surprise. I do that sometimes in times of a storm but will be soooooooo nice to get away from the nonstop hype. Sit the bands roll in and enjoy Shabbos.

Good Shabbos.
Everyone stay safe.
Will see where Frances is after Shabbos.

Band rolling in just on time. Told the kids it would probably get here just as we are about to sit down and eat.

And by the way... got lots of Fiji Water :)


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