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Friday, August 13, 2004

Stop playing the blame game

Listen I am short on time and have barely been able to watch most the coverage, in bits and pieces as I was in meetings all day.

I really don't want to hear bitching from people who were just south of Tampa complaining they had no time to prepare. Im sorry but thats crap and only good for those people who usually go around with false bravado making fun of their crazy sister or wife or tracks canes..and husbands. You know the types..they are the first to say "its not coming here" "oh youre all nuts over that storm? I heard its going to _________________ yesterday on the news"
You NEVER... NEVER EVER take your eye off of a Hurricane on any category when it is to the south of you.

As my daughter Dina said.. "dont they KNOW they go north ..." meanin gyou watch until they are far north of you and you are out of possible tracks. She is right.

They are beautiful to watch, deadly if you are in the track and there are weather radios, the internet (its for more than cyber sex and dating) and news, twc..local nightly weather.. there is no reason that in this day and age people who were high up in the probabilities should get "taken by surprise" by a hurricane unless they were in denial, thought it was stupid or uncool to get scared or too lazy to watch updates.

You live in Florida.. if you are in any part of a cone for landfall on any given day you keep watching.

Mayfield said OVER and OVER and OVER that it could go right or left of the main track. Every interview he gave.

Yes they went with Tampa but they qualified it for actual landfall but they emphasized it could change. I watched..obviously others weren't watching.

And, its not about how Tampa evacuated all their people and how Tampa prepared this is about how small communities in to her south that were in the path of the hurricane didn't.. They should have. Its not called hype when you have a strong Cane going over 90 degree water with little shear and a front diving down to grab it somewhere...

When are people going to learn?When are they going to stop playing the blame game?

And..the media is to blame in my opinon because they knew better than anyone it could change..theyve done this before but they were sent to one plot in the sand but they station and so it was hitting there.

Yes ..mistakes were made. I have a few questions on the pressure drops yet holding wind speed low and then suddenly everyone was surprised..

But all in all NHC called this quite good from days out.. and they even went against models that said yesterday it would pull left and went with how the flow was and what they saw..

So... maybe someone somewhere can learn from this. If there is a hurricane coming in your general direction south of you... you don't turn your back on it ever.

They are unpredictable. Its part of why we track and talk and study.. trying to learn, understand... if it was a sure thing there would be no reason to bother.

And, NHC isn't perfect..they do a damn good job. Sometimes there are complaints and I've complained plenty but this time..overall..track was good and when someone (Max) says "it cold go to the left or right of the track" people should know he means it.

Good luck to all in his path and watch him because Charley will be retired.. am sure.
Night.. Bobbi
ps...on a personal note.. thank God it spared Key West.. it was a close call.

TD 5 is predicted so far to be a threat to Florida from the east coming up over Cuba.
Nope..its not over.

Good Shabbos!


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