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Friday, August 13, 2004

Busy Days .. Many Ways.. Charley comes ashore

Busy tracking and haven't been writing.

Will do so later.

NHC did a good job..all in all. They said it could go in right or left but people don't listen. They insist on following the main landfall spot which is a guesstimate. Mostly because the news media HAS to set up somewhere..draw their line in the sand and fight for coverage.

Everywhere from Tampa to Key West on the West Coast should have prepared for possible landfall.

I knew it was going to come in right of the forecast.. my gut feeling based on knowledge. Many did..the NHC said it "could" but everyone screamed TAMPA because it looked like Tampa.

They are unpredictable..that is why we love them.. now we cry we can't predict them?

More late.. just amazed at how we expect perfection from everyone..especially the NHC.

More later.. Bobbi


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