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Monday, July 19, 2004

A Wave makes it to the Model Stage & an Invest

Very exciting for all of us trackers to see an actual Tropical Wave.
Nice round tropical wave down by the lower islands, racing fast.. a bit too fast. Always better when they cruise along at 20mph than 25 but..well who am I to argue with success?
Invest is up.
Models have it going through the islands and turning wnw towards Cuba and setting it's sites on..
Teasing.. really all to early to rush out and buy water for a system that isn't even a TD.
But... fun to have something to obsess on in the tropical world.
Nice wave off Africa too. Despite all the talk that there would be no African waves for at least ten days. Talk is cheap.. especially on the boards.
Always best to wait and see what really rolls of Africa and then read a bit.. read and learn and smile and track.


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