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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Watching Clouds Blow Away, no rain, no waves, no Ed

lol sorry... who am i laughing for here? just laughing to myself listening to a cd that steven sent me with beautiful songs to while away the summer day while there is time with nothing to do but clean the house or plan the day or a way to pay bills

No hurricanes, no tropical storms, no tropical depressions, no tropical disturbances, no tropical waves worth mentioning. What can I talk about it in my hidden harbor alone with my mind, thoughts and secrets.

I've been accused of being very secretive.
Okay, that's true. Venus in Scorpio.. so so true.
But, who would believe my secrets or read my thoughts except for the few I am secretive about?

I should rant on like a loon about screenwriters and meteorologists who play with my mind like a cat plays with yarn on a boring afternoon?

I should explain that someone's eyes burn through me to the core from just the way they look at me and yet there should be no way for their eyes to do that because usually only someone's words can do that to me.

Or that I talk with them in rhythmns and rhymes of songs and theories and loops that go silently in the night while we watch storms moving from africa to america and back to europe again.

see atlantic storms do that...they loop back, they go home
gulf storms dont..they plow into texas and send rain into oklahoma and beyond

different storms..very different

so... the board wars seem over..
who won? did i win? (smiling broadly) or was it all a set up
who knows...

im just happy jim's keeping his board and you don't take candy away from a baby and you don't mess around with jim

and as for flhurricane board... im there, how could i not be there, its a pattern, a habit.. an obsession ??? lol

theres nothing to talk about

Boston Red Sox lost bad last night in some strange karmic dance of scores won and lost and frankly sucks.. bad loss, not fair..why do people watch baseball? takes soooo long and then just eats your heart out in the my friend, all that waiting and waiting and i like football sport, bam, slam..hard hits and constantly moving, flowing, evolving... changing, God I love football.

But... was fun to have a team to watch, to root for and you can't really do that to the Marlins, not really...I mean they aren't the Red Sox you know?

So Ed is missing from the board...and life it seems, and Phil is worried about him (which is pretty endearing and sweet unless of course Ed pays Phil which would mean he's short a paycheck, oh E.D. Call HOme lol

and steve goes on talking and posting because he does

gee wonder where Terri is but I'm digressing and not a tropical subject here

and the preacher keeps preaching.. maybe he can do a tropical raindance, oh mean prayer

and the writer is off writing or creating

and in miami...
Hot blue mornings, dusty streets, clouds climbing but not collapsing down in tropical rains...just blowing away being sucked up by the high

and we wait and wait and wait in the heat of summer

i wait... for i know who
chris waits in his beautiful building overlooking the beautiful blue of biscayne bay, playing with bevin and jason and others reviewing the history of hurricanes while waiting for a new one to come along and take his breath away

jim waits to see how all his figuring plays out

they wait for another Mary although maybe they don't want another Mary, maybe they don't want to go where they went before and no one gets it

like burns who says everyone wants the next hurricane to be the last hurricane

and burns is waiting for God only knows what

and did I ever mention I have this thing against Rob Reiner? He gets on my nerves. I don't like him. Thanks..sorry ...just an unpaid political statement.

and where is the Poetry Man?
He needs to make things alright

where is my poetry man?

watching clouds blow away, no rain, no waves, no Ed


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