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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Took a vacation from tracking and thinking I've been playing hooky from weather this week.
I'm allowed. Lord knows mother nature seems to be.. cause we haven't had any Canes to track..

Went to Orlando with the kids for July 4th weekend and a man I used to date and his kids... kid stuff.

btw...the closest I have gotten to a tropical downpour was the wonderful unreal ride on the Popeye ride.. was so fantastic, got soaked down to my you know what.. haven't been that soaked since I was at the beach during Floyd and the wave pulled me under while I was shooting this great shot but I didn't get any sand in my you know what so this was good.


Then I had this fantastic time at the end of the week which precluded me from thinking about weather..or Canes.

Can you imagine? I barely thought about weather.
Amazingly they did because they told me it rained a few minutes at the beach but I didn't notice it I was home and don't think it rained here. But nice to know he watches the rain.

And, so that was my week that was that I didn't blog or write.
Time with Hurricane Jason if you want to call him that and it was time well spent. A beautiful Cane.

Now... we can get back to weather except that we don't have any and there isn't much to track.

I'll start normal posts tomorrow again.

Nice to have a hurricane diary.
Nice to have met Jason.
Nice nice nice..

oh and the Boston Red Sox have been winning, yahoo!!

BObbi ;)


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