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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Thursday in the Tropics

Fantasizing is good. A lot of hurricane trackers are fantasizing right about now. Here..I'll show you how it's done.

They start with the city where they live and start working a hurricane backwards. Either in the gulf or the far atlantic.. some really BIG fantasizers sit back in the chair at work pretending to listen to people talk business around them and Walter Mitty style start out over Africa.

It's hot .. muggy...late in the Afternoon somewhere east of Senegal and a rainstorm with a weak low attached is beginning to rain and make its trek slowly westward towards the famed beaches of Senegal. John Hope used to talk about that beach.. that was the beach if a wave passed over it had a somewhat favorable chance of development. sort of spins. Enough to write at least 3 posts on 3 different hurricane boards hoping like a Sunday fisherman that one of the pieces of bait will attract a fish. No..not a fish storm.. a fish being a fellow cane fanatic who will bite and write a post on their favorite site that reads something like this:

"has a spin but its early, reminds me of Hurricane ______________ when it rolled off Africa in ______ but it's early still and there is a lot of dryness still because of SAL (dust) and will just have to watch it and time will tell" (note that most weather chasers are big Jimmy Buffett fans.. they ALL say "time will tell" until you want to shove time down their cute little throats but we won't get into that today)

or.. some other poster will write "not a chance, too early"

hopefully...this will get a chain of posts going which will help them ignore the fact that the tropics are STILL DEAD shhhh

they are fantasizing

So...they take this little barely discernable wave and roll it west a bit.. a drop north of west.. they make that little dip that all good Cape Verde storms do and continue it west until about mid-ocean where... it begins to lift in the pattern that would hit their particular part of the world.

They can see it.. they can feel it.. the storm is coming.. its about to explode.. Yes while others are fantasizing about Brittany Spears or Hallie Berry they are waiting for this unnamed, unformed storm that exists only in their very warm, wet, hot, tropical imagination to explode into something that they can really track.. play with.. enjoy.

If you haven't noticed by now.. hurricanes are very sexual. That is why they used to be called womens names til the macho manipulations of 1953 came along and insisted men too can be tropical. But, that's a discussion for another time and place.

Yes..this hurricane tracker sits fantasizing all day hoping to hear from one of their tracker friends via text message, phone call, indian signals or carrier pidgeon that "ITS DOING SOMETHING"

The other type of tracker who is very left brain sits surfing through sites and looking through old books trying to figure out what year in history most resembles this particular year so that they can find a pattern that will explain WHEN SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN.

That's how it goes right now.. these the slow mean times.

Someone is upset with me over at because I was impulsive and decided to have some fun while waiting for some storm to actually show up SOME DAY. What details they have I don't know but they seem to and so..well.. that's the way it goes. Nothing I can do about that. What happened happened and not a whole lot happened and what did was nice but it's my life and we all do things our own ways.

Sorry if I upset them.. I didn't mean to.. I just doing my own thing.

I think everyone is just a bit too testy waiting.

Hear the Red Sox are doing good these days.. or trying. That should cheer some NE hurricane trackers up. I'm a big Red Sox fan. Don't ask why.. long story.

Sorry if I ruffled any feathers .. it wasn't my intention.
I really had no intentions beyond wanting to have some fun and I did.

Cute site on some Rock something site. Might write about it tomorrow.. someone out there predicting a Doomsday very cute link. Silly people.. we are allowed to be silly once in a while..once every blue moon or so.. just live and laugh and not get lost in detail. and their message board.

So..I'm down here in Miami.. all alone, my fun for the time being is over and better than my trip to Islands of Adventure.

Soon we will be tracking.. Hope Phil and ED get over it.. and as always... my total dedication to Jim for all he does for us trackers.

Still smiling in Miami even though there isn't anything happening out there.

not fantasizing.. remembering and just enjoying the memories :)


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