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Friday, July 16, 2004

So blue... what'll I do..

Okay.. not really in the mood to post today but said I would as much as possible so... posting.
Hi.. a wave in the Atlantic. Far Atlantic.. going top speed west and still there. Looks like its moving too fast but its staying low so maybe it will make it.
Lie low? Is that good advice?
I don't think I've ever taken good advice in my life..then again I don't take chances to it evens out.
Not in the mood to do the tropics today.
Big rainstorm in Miami.. big.. loud...bad.. thunder. Smiling..okay thats nice..
Just not where my mind is today. Staring.. don't think it's where it will be tomorrow.
Should I take happy pills? What are happy pills.. giggling. I do don't do that.
What do I do?
Hurricanes aren't doing it. Football is far far away.
Maybe I can type/write later.
Read? Only have about 40 books at home waiting to be read.
A  movie?? hahaha I don't think so.
Feel like a small child that had their candy taken away from them.
Going to go mope somewhere and if I have the chance to stand outside in the rain w/o deadly lightning strikes nearby.. I will do so.
Or go to bed and dream of.. Canes, right?
What a mess.
I'll be okay.
I'm tough.
Tough enough to deal with this.. just feel like I got hit my lightning and wasn't even outside.
chow for now..
will let the wishful sit and stare at the wave
Good Shabbos.. Happy Friday...
Maybe I'll listen to Jimmy Buffett.
Bobbi :(


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