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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Relationship Summary of the Tropics and Monsoons and Mongoose

Ever notice how you can go online and type in your banks web address and in seconds you can get what is called a "Relationship Summary" which details in minute detail every addition or subtraction in your financial life with little asterisks and a "help" email place to write for help from a banker somewhere out in internet land.

Why can't you wake up and find a website that gives you that data about your life, heart and thoughts? I mean..a barometer of your heart? Something that tells which way the wind is blowing and a compass to show you which way to head? Into the wind or run for the hills?

It's so simple. So easy.

You go to your favorite weather view of the tropics and all you see is a picture. You know they lied when they said a picture is worth a thousand words. As a girl who can write ten thousand words easier than just looking at a picture... they lied.

Okay so there is system down in the Carib. It's still there today. Everyone thought it would move up towards the BOC but it didn't.. it lingered and is hanging about possibly waiting for a chance to do something later. It's hanging there as if its magnetically attracted to the spot and sometimes indecision is a good course of action. Ask Jimmy Buffett. see one picture is not worth a thousand words. You need a loop at least and then what? Can you tell in one loop the effect of dust or the mjo or the negative tilt of the dragons head upon the ocean's surface or the way it mixes up the atmosphere like a stiff drink at the end of a long hot afternoon? It needs to twist like a swizzle stick in just the right brew to get it all circulating fast and feverish. Until it does that.. its just a mass of indecision.

Can you tell the future from a picture?

Nope.. just possibilities in the sea of indecision.

There's warmth in the ocean
and heat in the sea
stars in the heaven
but no light to guide me

Struggling in a sea of indecision
I wait and watch for a clue
Will the steering currents grab me
Tropical development is way overdue

okay..bad poem lol but good mood

Probably better mood today than most the trackers
Amused and stimulated..
mentally, creatively, emotionally and yet detached
I want to play like a little girl today in my favorite spot and not think on anything more serious than if its going to rain in Miami or not.

And, the weather radio is now giving Smoke Updates with more information than the Tropical Update.

Sharon turned to me last night in the car while we were drowning our thoughts in Vanilla Almond Bark Tofutti ...neither really listening to the other, both lost in our own world a bit. Me in funny places, she wanting to move to Maine while I ponder why anyone would move to Maine when they can move to Key West and have the same houses with bougenvilla and tropical rain and as the last light of the sun goes down in the parking lot of Publix, not Mallory Square and she says after a long diatribe about the heat and how she can't take it anymore "We Are Going to Have ONE MONSTER STORM" and she said that before Andrew with total conviction also. She asks where I will stay? In the house or not or... Told her if she is still here and hasn't moved to Maine I'll stay with her in her house with the good shutters. She seems okay with that.. as if we should schedule it in between mid August and late September.

For Sharon a hurricane is a free pass from having to buy school supplies.

The monsoons have started in India and Nepal.
Did you know that a bunch of women in Nepal.. young maidens picked rice naked in Nepal as an offering to some rain God and damn if it didn't start raining. Probably some boyfriends of the maidens praying to the God of Jealousy that it would rain and get their girlfriends back into their normal regular picking clothes is what pushed the buttons and broke the balance of indecision and made the rains pour down from the heaven. Jealousy is you know stronger than prayers for rain. I think. Either way it started raining.

Imagine that will move across the basin towards us from East to West on the few raindrops that are left from some tropical wave that made it across the great dusty Atlantic and rain down on Miami and get the tropics going. Like some homeopathic formula for rain. Drops of the rain from the maidens who were dancing naked in Nepal and got the whole summer going and the monsoons started.

You see..more rain in the Indian Ocean ...the wetter it gets there.. the more moisture there is over Africa the stronger the waves (like Landsea I think said in his doctoral dissertation and I still think he's right...just maybe the equation is off cause Landsea wasn't listening to me online complaining about the African Dust situation, he was off skiing in Colorado somewhere in College.. should teach him to pay attention to whats important) and you take those really wet, wet storms and you adjust them a bit for the dust in the ocean sucking up the moisture like some kids sucking up coca cola on a hot August day :) and you add in the location of the high and don't forget the solar flares and the tilt of the dragons horns (taurus/scorpio these days) and you get the Relationship Summary of the Tropics.

Monsoons have started.

Lots of things have started and made their mark upon the relationship summary of my tropical life.

The mongoose live in Madagascar. I've always wanted to see Madagascar, always. Bet they could use some tropical rain.

You can check out all about Mongoose below as well as wonderful Jimmy Buffett's lyrics about the Port of Indecision. Some good thoughts there from the philosopher of the American Tropics.

But as for the bottom line ..the summary of the tropics today from the people who get to say yes or no..

from the NHC and my weather radio..
from the National Hurricane Center..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..

Going off a bit to do somethings.
Will check in and out of HurricaneCity and see what new productive thing Jim has done with his time while others sit around sounding like those town people in Halleyujah Trail... "think this is going to be the coldest winter since... 1802..." "Do you think this season is like 1953?" "We won't get any storms til..." Yeah, a lot of hot air on the boards and yet we could use some in the tropics to get us out of our various funks and wake up and smell some storms brewing and dream of advisories in the middle of the night at 2am ...

Do I go to Barnes and Noble and inhale coffee while looking at books? Starbucks? Surprise my son at Starbucks? The post office to mail out presents to my kids and a few close friends? The beach? Or do I stay home in my cozy port of indecision and listen to the pretty new age cd called "wind" ???

Only time will tell, not telling what else I'm thinking about.

Time for change. A summer of change. I told Sharon that and I meant it. This is the summer of change and things are changing.

Just Bobbi
not BobbiCane
not Bobbistorm
not Bobbiboo
and Lois is on vacation.. she's out shopping with Amy somewhere over the rainbow.



Lone Palm

My garden is filled with papayas and mangos
My life is a mixture of reggaes and tangos
Taste for the good life, I can live it no other way

While out on the beach there are two empty chairs
That say more than the people who ever sit there
From under my lone palm I can look out on the day

Where no bird flies by my window
No ship is tied to my tree
Love is a wave building to a crescendo
Ride if you will, ride it with me

I knew this girl made of memories and phrases
Who lived her whole life in both chapters and stages
Danced til the dawn, wished all her worries away

Well she wasn't crazy no she wasn't mad
She just wanted the father that she never had
From under my lone palm I think about her today

Where no bird flies by my window
No ship is tied to my tree
Love is a wave building to a crescendo
Ride if you will, ride it with me

We sailed from the port of indecision
Young and wild with oh so much to learn
Days turn into years as we tried to fool our fears
But to the port of indecision I returned

My gardens are filled with papayas and mangos
My life is a mixture of jingles and jangles
Come Christmas winds and blow all my worries away

Where no bird flies by my window
No ship is tied to my tree
Love is a wave building to a crescendo
Ride if you will, ride it with me

Sing if you will and we'll sing to the sea


The mongoose lemur is a medium-sized lemur, about the size of a small house cat. Its head and body length is about 35 cm (14"), and it weighs about 2 kg (4.4 lb). It maintains a horizontal body posture and moves quadrupedally.

In Madagascar the mongoose lemur is found in dry deciduous forest and secondary forest. In Comoros it is found in humid forest. It is arboreal. During both the wet and the dry seasons, fruit appears to dominate the mongoose lemur diet. In the wet season, it is also known to feed on flowers, particularly those from the kapok tree. In addition, the mongoose lemur is extremely fond of nectar. More so than other lemurs, the mongoose lemur is active at different times of the day, depending on the season. During the wet months (December to April) there is considerably more diurnal and/or crepuscular (evening) activity. With the onset of the dry season in May, there is a shift towards nocturnal behavior.

Mongoose lemurs live in small family groups consisting of a monogamous adult pair and 1 - 4 of their immature offspring. Social bonds within these family units appear to be strong, with groups being very cohesive during feeding, traveling, resting and sleeping. Home ranges are small and there is often overlap with the range of another group. Neighboring groups encounter each other rarely, but when they do, the encounters are marked by aggressive vocalizations, much scent marking and physical charges and threats.

The mongoose lemur has always been uncommon. Its natural range is restricted to northwest Madagascar. It has also been introduced to Comoros, where populations occur on the islands of Anjouan and Moheli.

Major reasons for the decline of the mongoose lemur include the destruction of its forest habitat due to logging and agriculture, hunting for food, and persecution due to its alleged raids on crops. The dry deciduous forests of northwestern Madagascar continue to be cleared to create pastureland and produce charcoal. This loss of habitat is the primary threat to the survival of the mongoose lemur, but it is also hunted for food throughout much of its range. In addition, it is occasionally trapped for the pet trade. In Comoros, the mongoose lemur faces similar threats.


*** It has been illegal to kill mongoose lemurs in Comoros since 1974, but few Comoriens are aware of this (Reason & Trewhella 1994).



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