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Sunday, July 18, 2004

In the Tropics.. Size doesn't count..

Posted this on earlier and liked it.. its true... a little lost in fantasy a bit today, watching storms roll in and by and near by and windy sort of day... dark and stormy just like I like it and thinking about the tropics.
The Gulf is getting lots of mention though many say nothing will develop.
Contrary though to popular belief last week..another wave came off of Africa and this is what occurs to me.. everyone thinks its about being the biggest, baddest wave out there but I don't think so.. so to catch everyone's attention and make them all smile. Lord knows all trackers need a smile these days...
this was my post... enjoy... and its so true..
so so true.. not saying size isn't nice and all but its really about going all the way ..
hanging tough..hanging in..not giving up before the game is over ;)
***********************************my other safe harbor*******
It's about how long ... some Cape Verde wave can manage to stay on the map and manage to stay in a wet, moisture laden environment and how far it can go.
Nice wave off Africa despite all the worry worts who insisted the last wave would be the only one to come off for a week or so..seems to me where there is moisture and color there is a chance of action.
As long as it stays wet out there and the dust doesn't dry out the wave and rob it of any chance to keep going.
Look..if you don't believe me. Another wave... not a real big wave, not a real exciting wave..not a drop dead gorgeous love at first site sort of wave but not all of them come off the coast spinning.. some bide their time like the turtle in that old famous tale and some make it across the big blue ocean and regenerate elsewhere.. POP UP.. out of the blue.. hahaha.. like Camille did. She didn't just form out of some rainstorm south of Cuba.. nah...she was a late blooming CV wave.
So...............all of you out there in hurricane land... watching those waves off of Africa.. it's not about size.. its about the ability to go the distance, all the way.
One day some wave is going to surprise all of you who think you have it down to some neat little formula.
Yup..all of you. Even Dr. Gray somewhere safe in Colorado.
**************I told you..its about how us hurricane people think ********************


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