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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Why You Gotta Watch the Water Vapor Loop

Something wild going on out there since yesterday.. almost violent looking at times... an evolutionary process that forces you to sit and stare and watch a bit...for those who know the water vapor loop it almost compells you to stop and pay attention, because something is happening.

It started yesterday..early in the day, when everyone was taking bets on development in the gulf.. somewhere out in the far Atlantic this process began to take shape. The color contrast between the dark black dry areas and the wet white moisture ladden air began to paint art work across the screen.. for a few frames it looked like Picasso had taken to dropping his magic brush down from his Artistic Heaven and he began painting images upon our computer screens, images which swirled and folded and swooped was like watching the birth of a new world.

And as all that energy transfered itself somehow, magically ..oozing its way about the globe the Gulf glob suddenly began to lose shape..and it slip slided away..poof as some say in a few hours, gone... some said gone inland, some argued where the vortex went like it was some shell game weather people were playing with our minds, but that is what tropical weather is all about transference of energy ...and that is seen best on the Water Vapor Loop. You don't get caught in the blow ups you see on the IR sats but instead you can see it big process... the wider out you go, the bigger the picture you see.

Like Cantore talking about storms coming in off of the Pacific near Alaska, waiting breathlessly to get a taste of them in Atlanta and Bastardi talking about jet streams in Japan... you see some of us are always watching the Water Vapor Loop. Because it shows us the patterns, the process evolving...and sometimes it gives us the most beautiful imagery anywhere short of staring at the Mona Lisa.

So, there it was yesterday morning... this tremendous transference of energy, lined up from north to south ...four features evolving out in the Atlantic, others simply disapeering.. a big upper low swirling around suddenly in the North Atlantic that looked like the man in the moon was trapped inside .. blobs of deep convection being shot off down to the SE to simply get sucked up again to the north and a hole opening up just north of the Hurricane Center's favorite wave of the day down to the south.

air being evacuated, sucked in, sucked up and rearranged

when you see this much action going on ... suddenly
it forbodes things about to happen not too far off down the line

it's almost erotic, its constantly flowing, evolving, exploding, ebbing a bit, rearranging...

Something is going on out there today... and tomorrow...there is a Transition going on in the tropics.

You can feel it. You can see it.

Something's going on.

And, when all that energy is done rearranging itself... we will begin to see something happen and when it happens... it will take some by surprise...but not others...not those watching the water vapor loop.

Give it a try, sit a spell, its better than a lava lamp, better than a kailediscope...its a magic crystal ball for translating the transference of tropical energy.

And, that's why you just gotta watch the water vapor loop :)


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