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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Notes, Thoughts and Announcements

First off... I am going to upload pictures when I can figure out how. Maybe today.. maybe. Why not? It's a possibility.

I like this.. no one seems to be able to find me here lol.. really is pretty safe. One place no one is looking and I'm typing out my soul for all to read but really for me.

Not LoisCane, not BobbiStorm, Lady whoever...just me. where was I?

I will upload a picture.

Nothing is happening and I mean NOTHING.. and don't think anything will until that big front comes sweeping down clearing out all the blocked energy and whoosh washes away the old.. high setting up again, want to say June 26 or 27 but think Venus goes forward just after that. yes...astrology and weather work hand in hand and if you don't believe me... ask Ben Franklin.

So.. after Venus goes forward thats to late. Maybe its Mars getting out of Cancer into Leo or Mercury going into Cancer.
Mercury connecting with Saturn, that should conjure up one heck of a hurricane..wouldn't you think?

Next...not doing the number thing, unlike Ed I will never figure out Algebra or Geometry, but I can add.

I'm looking to get married or fall madly, deeply, passionately in love. So anyone with the following traits can apply or at where I live normally.

A sense of humor. No I did not say a comedy writer, a sense of humor.

They must like or enjoy weather. It doesnt have to be tropical but it does help.

They must be smart.. really smart and not fixed in their smartness in that they are open to new things, thoughts..discoveries. And, they must be multi-taskable in their smartness. They need to be able to switch gears from one subject to another without getting lost. Smart on politics, smart on religion, smart of earth sciences, and they need to know that Tennessee Williams was not a country singer, was not the father of Hank Williams, for instance.

They must either like country music or not hate it.. never make fun of it.

They must keep Shabbos. The Jewish Sabbath. No .. I don't want a 7th Day Adventist, respect them tremendously but they must be a jew keeping the jewish sabbath or at least a very strange goy who likes jews and likes to be around them and enjoys Sabbath meals and won't mind being refered to by my friends as "that wierd goyish guy she's hanging with" not detached mind you, I need intense and passionate but open minded enough that they can laugh and say "Lchaim, I love you too!"

Oh and I dont eat meat or shellfish out in restaurants. I'm kosher. On occaision I do eat out salads, pareve things.. but don't try and convince me how good your pepper steak is.. that's nice but I don't want any. Just my thing. Pretend I'm a vegetarian.

Oh and you can't hate Lubavitch. Contrary to what the Washington Post said about me... or implied.. (was true that I said it but it was sort of taken out of context thank you Marc/k Fischer/Fisher on two accounts for mixing in my life. I am Lubavitch still in many ways. Ask the Rebbe..he will forward you my letters. I do HaYomYom everyday and plenty else and still believe in all the goals of Chabad, it is a great movement.. in concept more than every day practice but then so is much of what we do. In theory we are practice, boy do we mess up but we mean well.

So...for those who read the Washington Post and all of its many papers that it was in all over the country. I am still with Lubavitch and I do not have, never had and never will have a relationship with Dave Schwartz. So THERE!

What I said was..that in lubavitch you are friends with people you don't or wouldn't otherwise have much in common with.. what I meant was if you arent in lubavitch you make friends according to hobbies, you meet someone at your kids school and they bowl and invite you to join their bowling team or find out they are into hurricanes and stay up til 2am for a new advisory too and you become friends. Based on interests.. not just love of the Rebbe. One is not necessarily better than the other but it does give you something to talk about beyond love of the rebbe and goals of Chassidus. Nice and fun to have hobbies in common. Like DUH.

The problem in my marriage wasn't that we didn't have things in common, or we didn't love the was other things I will not go into because ever since the Hard Copy the kids are a little publicity shy. They don't like me to talk about personal things that involve them and so I won't.. but it was about things I said in the Post..when someone makes fun of you for something simple like watching a dolphin game or the weather channel or espn or cnn there is something wrong. Something had changed in our marriage. Was a sign that things were not good and I was not being respected as an individual...who likes football and the weather more than old reruns of Hawaii 5-0. If it was a footbal game, maybe I would have cared. Field Goal and they caught the qb.. it is possible.

Anyway.. I love football. So that's important.

I enjoy astrology, find the patterns fascinating. So did Carl Jung so don't make fun of me.

Don't make fun of me is important...comedy writers need not apply though honestly, have noticed (thank God) they usually make fun of Ed not on that..thank you ..well no, personally I wish they wouldn't make fun of Ed. He was, probably is a nice guy and you don't understand him like I do, did..and do not know what it is you have against him. I'm sure Joe does but I don't and pick on someone your own size. !!

Where was I?

Okay...they must be Chabad friendly, love the weather, love to watch the sunset, love to have quiet time and love to be hilariously silly and talkative or be able to engage in deep political analysis and not make fun of me while watching the Dolphins play football (or GreenBay or a few other teams depending on who is coaching, i love a good coach..come back Jimmy Johnson) and for some strange reason I have taken to (wincing, got funny freaky feeling in my stomach here..) taken to following (wincing) the Boston Red Sox... go pEDro lol no seroiusly this is not about him, go Pedro and there is another guy I like but maybe Manny? Anyway... sports is a plus.

Someone who doesnt slam doors or throw things or walk out around the block and beyond is preferable. Someone who knows how to talk and communicate without using 954 screen names to do so. Sorry, my mind gets tired. Alzheimers runs in my family, I don't have much brain cell energy left..need to conserve.


Someone who wants to live in Key West in the future or at least visit a lot.

Someone who likes kids. I have ten but only four really live with me and they are growing up rapidly. Note the youngest likes Nascar so being obsessive about cars will help there. The boy turning 14 likes fishing.

Basically I need a Jewish Redneck who likes to enjoy a can of beer at the end of a day doing hard work and watching the sunset with me on the front porch. Who at the end of a long week will look foward to having a really nice Friday Night Shabbos table. And, who doesnt mind that I go nuts about four or five months out of the year with hurricanes and football and I will accept their hobbies which are time consuming and love the fact that something in life makes them happy and smile beyond spending the rest of their life with me.

No comedy writers need apply.

No tropical development through Monday .. possibly the rest of the week.

Yes, that is me. I can do Tanya, Tarot and the Tropics all at the same time.


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