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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Just another day... waiting and watching

Nothing new to say here tropically. The wave fought the trough and lost, of course... danger zone is hard to get past, only the bravest survive

There is a swirl out in the Atlantic...dark high pressure area barreling towards Miami... South Florida, reminds me of how Andrew looked. I think it will look like that later in the season but there will be a hurricane there.

Will it hit? Where will it hit?
Not sure, but if the high stays in will.

Hope not the Keys....I do so love them, not want to them hit bad.
Don't want to see anyone hit bad.
But...someone will this year. I'm sure.

Not a year for the beginner...for the weak of heart.

Someone's gonna be lost in tracking..charting...thinking...studying.

All my friends will be busy bees..buzzing with enough activity for all their complicated brillant minds.

And, I'll be posting.. at Hurricane City because Jim decided to keep the board up. And, Yes.. I do feel good about that. He deserves it. He is what we all were way back when.. a small child but all grown up following a hobby, a passion and doing it on his scale.. what he can do, what he wants to do... Lots of trackers...few dedicated to the pursuit of understanding them like him. It's not just about having the fanciest, glizziest site or coolest trackers its about dedication to hurricanes and sharing with people who have the same passion.

Heard it said once ..on the bottom of some email or post from Chris that is attributed to Dr. Gray...There are only two types of people, those who study tropical weather and those who don't. Something like that, never met Gray personally so... will believe his student. And, he's right..just something that gets inside you.

Got to run to the library, off to work...where I can watch the world loop by.. how lucky can I get?

Bobbi ;)


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